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Why Quiq + Shopify?

The Quiq integration with Shopify gives agents visibility into what their customers are
doing. They can see which web page a customer is looking at and what’s in their shopping
cart in real-time. Allowing agents to be integrated into the Shopify account and cart, will
drastically reduce the time it takes agents to collect that information from customers and
makes the experience seamless and faster for customers.

We support all popular channels.

Quiq’s omnichannel, asynchronous messaging platform allows bots and human agents to capture leads and customer service cases where your customers are. That means all popular messaging channels, including:

  • Apple Messages for Business
  • Google Business Messages
  • Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger
  • SMS/Text Messaging including Google Verified SMS
  • RCS/Rich Business Messaging
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Asynchronous web and in-app chat

Help agents close more sales with the power of Quiq.

Integrating Quiq with Shopify increases overall cart value and sales because agents will be better equipped with the information they need to close transactions with customers.

One streamlined view of customer orders.

View your customer’s order history as you close out their ticket to ensure speed and accuracy. No more switching between tabs or cutting and pasting. With Quiq’s Shopify integration, your agents and customers will be happier, driving more revenue for your business.

See Quiq + Shopify for your business.

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