Salesforce Integration

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Why Quiq + Salesforce?

The Quiq integration with Salesforce enables brands to manage customer communication
channels like text, web chat, social media, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business
Messages and Instagram within existing agent workspaces. Appearing alongside relevant
object data, both the agent and customer experience is improved, consistent, and reliable.

We support all popular channels.

Quiq’s omnichannel, asynchronous messaging platform allows bots and human agents to capture leads and customer service cases where your customers are. That means all popular messaging channels, including:

  • Apple Messages for Business
  • Google Business Messages
  • Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger
  • SMS/Text Messaging including Google Verified SMS
  • RCS/Rich Business Messaging
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Asyncronous web and in-app chat

Improve CX and empower agents.

Quiq combines Conversational AI with natural language processing (NLP) and human agents to increase efficiency, reduce costs, drive revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. Give your customers a modern experience across their preferred communication channels, with conversations flowing naturally between bots and agents.

All customer data, all in one place.

Connecting Quiq to Salesforce makes it easy for agents to access all of their customer data in one place. This means agents are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date information alongside their customer messaging conversations. Not to mention, by keeping all conversations in Salesforce, your agents and their managers can easily report on customer interaction history to identify trends, wins, and areas for improvement.

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