You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Analyzing Results

Delivering the best customer experience begins with insight into interactions between customers and your brand. Quiq’s reporting dashboard offers your managers a real-time and historical understanding of agent performance, contact center load, and KPI’s related to customer satisfaction. Use Quiq’s AI to infer customer satisfaction by analyzing sentiment. Join or take over “high-risk” conversations. You’ll get a full view of activity, quality of support, and the efficiency of both human agents and bots in one holistic view.

Evaluate, Optimize, and Improve

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Drive Business Results

Quiq provides industry-standard as well as newly developed asynchronous communication metrics that can help your team make better decisions. From essential measures like queue sizes, wait times, and agent utilization, to powerful new metrics like work time (the async equivalent of handle time), Quiq offers the insight you need. Don’t give up the reporting you know and love. Take advantage of Quiq’s integration with Oracle, Salesforce or Zendesk and continue to leverage your existing analytics by automatically syncing information from Quiq into your CRM.

Real-time Dashboard

Understand how many active conversations are being worked or waiting in queue. With Quiq you’ll have the insight you need right out-of-the-box and the power to build custom solutions. The sky’s the limit with Quiq’s in-depth webhook events. Develop custom BI and e-commerce solutions on top of Quiq.

  • Queue sizes and waiting time
  • Contact center load tracking
  • Agent utilization
  • Completed conversations

Actionable Insights

Great customer experience starts and ends with the your employees. Gain insight into employee performance and find coaching moments. Quiq calculates key metrics like average and first response time for individual conversations and aggregated over an agent’s shift.

  • Sort conversations in order of estimated customer satisfaction, allowing you to focus efforts on at-risk interactions
  • Easily open and view active conversation in real-time
  • Lend a guiding hand by joining a conversation and help coach the agent
  • Instantly take over a conversation, ensuring customers can get the help and expertise they need when they need it
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Historical Reporting

Quiq gives you the flexibility to look at your key metrics in multiple ways. View Quiq reporting metrics for the last hour, day, week, month, or use a custom time range. With Quiq’s historical reports, you can view statistics for specific queues, conversations, and agents.

  • Understand how long customers are in a particular queue and their wait times
  • Search past conversations by the customer, queue, agent, date, time, channel, and more
  • Track your call center load so you manage operations more efficiently
  • Export conversations and blend them with other business data for better decision making


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