Daily Harvest elevates customer satisfaction
with conversational excellence

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Food + Beverage


New York


  • Create a brand-rich, customer-centric communications platform.
  • Allow for self-serve communication options in customers’ preferred channels.
  • Build trust and brand loyalty.


  • Unprecedented communication and branding capabilities with Apple Messages for Business.
  • Ultra-organized communications channels under Quiq’s Conversational Platform.
  • Near-perfect CSAT right after implementation.

Platefuls of personalization.

Health-conscious meal kit delivery company Daily Harvest already owned a spectacular array of communications tools that helped them reach customers in their preferred channels. But they also wanted to add a little extra something using elevated personalization and branding techniques.

With Quiq, Daily Harvest designed and implemented a communications channel in Apple Messages for Business, which allowed the company to communicate with customers on a whole new level. Even with a “scrappy implementation,” as Daily Harvest VP of Customer Care Joe Gilgoff calls it, the team experienced near-instant success, simply by being brand-centric and customer focused.

Daily Harvest merged communications channels under Quiq’s Conversational Platform to streamline customer connections wherever they’re happening.

The Quiq gist: Apple Messages for Business creates a big appetite.

Apple Messages for Business is the spice that makes everything nice at Daily Harvest. With an almost perfect CSAT, the company saw instant channel adoption among customers.

Quiq enabled Daily Harvest to:

  • Grow CSAT to 98%.
  • Streamline communications channels under one platform.
  • Create its highest-performing channel on CES (4.9).
  • Achieve 40% survey response rate.
Daily Harvest Logo
“Overall, there was very much a feeling of an embrace and a safety net from the Quiq team that made it feel like we were always supported and ready to help us take the next step. ‘We’re ready when you are,’ was the feeling I always got from our Quiq team.”
Joe Gilgoff
VP of Customer Care, Daily Harvest

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