Jeweler creates a brilliant automated chat system and dazzles online shoppers.

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Jewelry + Retail


California, Arizona, international


The service and sales team wanted better ways to seamlessly connect online customers with their Diamond Experts to boost leads, sales—and create meaningful, memorable interactions.


  • A smarter chat design customized for the company yielded 70% more sales interactions.
  • New customer-care routing system boosted conversions and high-quality lead rate.
Blue Nile Diamond Expert

A gem of opportunity.

The company revolutionized the luxury diamond industry with an online business model that made it possible to shop for gorgeous diamonds at reasonable prices. Ever since their founding, they’ve also put a premium on providing exceptional customer service.

In fact, their Diamond Experts convert shoppers into buyers at 15X the rate of a website-only experience when site visitors get a chance to interact with them.

The jeweler grabbed the huge opportunity in front of them to implement chat automations that would get customers in front of their dazzling Diamond Experts before interest dulled.

Blue Nile Quiq

The Quiq gist: A cut above the competition.

Quiq enabled the jeweler to:

  • Grow the number of sales interactions with Diamond Experts by 70%.
  • Boost successful sales transactions by 35%.
  • See a 34% YTD containment rate for service-related inquiries.
  • Achieve 75% CSAT on their experience.
  • Create steady conversion rates with consistent, high-quality lead generation.
“Enabling customers to do business with us how and when they want to is critical. Quiq helped us identify customers looking to make a purchase, so we could get them to our human team quickly. At the same time, our bot can get basic information to customers instantaneously.”
Company spokesperson

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