Chatbots deliver results across a variety of industries. From retail to travel, chatbots are there to help improve the customer experience, acting as the always-on, always-ready assistants your customers want.

Consumers are interacting with chatbots more often, even if they don’t know they are engaging with a chatbot. Read our infographic below to discover why 80% of businesses will utilize some form of chatbot automation by 2020.

Chatbots deliver results for customer experience and beyond

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How Chatbots Deliver Results

80% of businesses will utilize some form of chatbot automation by 2020.

That’s because chatbots – AI-powered digital agents – allow businesses to be more accessible to consumers and connect in a conversational way. Let’s dive into how chatbots can help your business achieve its goals, one conversation at a time. Actually, unlike humans, chatbots are capable of unlimited simultaneous conversations.

1. Chatbots Help Engage Customers

  • From the moment someone visits your site, logs onto your app, or connects with your social media page, a chatbot can be there to start the conversation.
  • 57% of consumers are interested in getting real-time answers from bots on a company website1.
  • Chatbots can guide customers where they need to go, based on feedback, browsing history, and other personalized variables. Bots continually learn from interactions and use the information to get better at helping agents and consumers.
  • Available 24/7 and across a variety of platforms, consumers can connect with your brand whenever they want, using the messaging channels they already know and use.  

2. Chatbots Improve Customer Service

    • 95% of consumers believe customer service is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots2.
      • Chatbots can open support tickets, answer questions, collect feedback, and point customers toward helpful resources quickly and efficiently.
      • Bots are only as good as their programming but good bot interactions escalate to human agents if they get stuck in conversations.  
      • Chatbots can route customers to the right customer service agent, while providing the agent with useful customer information.
    • Chatbots are predicted to handle 85% of customer service interactions by 20203.
    • Setting up a chatbot platform is a cost-effective way to relieve human agents of simple, repetitive tasks, and increase efficiency.
    • Chatbot automation could save businesses an estimated $8 billion a year5.

3. Chatbots Increase Conversions

      • Chatbots can monitor conversations in real-time and analyze the available data to suggest products to human agents. 47% of customers would buy items suggested from a chatbot4.
      • Set rules for your chatbot to recognize keywords such as “buy” or “purchaase” to prioritize customers who may need help with a transaction.
      • Chatbots can present dates and times for customers to schedule appointments and reservations that customers can book with a tap of a button.     

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