Quiq Video: Messaging For Customer Service

Customer Service Messaging

Quiq Video: Messaging Platform for Customer Service

At Quiq, our focus is on improving the way customers communicate with companies. We believe mobile message-driven communications will replace a significant portion of traditional phone and email interactions. With this shift from higher cost phone calls to low cost messaging, companies will see significant cost savings. Our solution makes it easy for customers to contact a business via Messaging, the preferred channel already in use with their friends and family.  Because messaging is so convenient and easy for consumers, the customer satisfaction scores are higher than for any other channel. Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction – who can say no to that?

Expand Your Service Capabilities with Quiq

With Quiq Messaging, customers can engage customer service for help with their pre-sales questions and post-sales support. We support SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and Kik. Quiq Messaging can be purchased as a stand-alone customer channel or companies can take advantage of one of our pre-built CRM integrations, including Oracle, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

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