MarTech Interview with Mike Myer, Founder and CEO at Quiq

Quiq CEO Mike Myer

MarTechSeries has featured Quiq’s founder and CEO, Mike Myer, in this insightful Q&A conversation as part of their MarTech’s Interview Series.  In this fun Q&A style chat, Mike discusses his progression as a technology leader to the founding of Quiq where he identified “a huge gap between the way consumers could communicate with companies and how they communicate with family and friends.”

For businesses considering messaging as a part of their mobile marketing technology stack, Mike outlines several use cases across a variety of industries that demonstrate how Quiq is used from pre- to post-sales and support, truly revolutionizing the way in which customers and businesses engage and build relationships.

Read the full interview on MarTechSeries and get inspired as Mike tells his story and his vision for the future of customer engagement.  If you want to know how he’s been so successful, one-word, ‘Persistence!’

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