How Our Clients Use Quiq Messaging

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A Message From Mike Myer, Quiq CEO

Since I helped start RightNow, the world has changed, but not my mission. My team and I are still focused on saving companies money, while helping them deliver a better customer experience. No longer are we focused on handling and managing high volumes of phone calls and emails. We have leapfrogged ahead again to focus on the hottest communications channels.  Why?

Simply because no one has time for a phone call and waiting for a response to an email is like watching paint dry.  We, along with all our family and friends communicate via messaging. However, consumers aren’t able to communicate with all their favorite companies in the same way-yet.

At Quiq, we’re helping companies be more accessible to consumers by making it easy for them to add SMS/text, Facebook Messenger and Kik to their business.

We also support web chat and in-app messaging, so one agent can easily see and manage all messaging channels simultaneously. Companies like Overstock, Gogo, Office Depot, Men’s Wearhouse, Tyr, evo, Jackson Hole Resort, and many more are realizing cost savings and higher satisfaction scores using Quiq Messaging to better serve their customers.

Let’s go beyond the hype to some actual example use cases of our clients who are using Quiq Messaging to improve their business. We’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.


Here are a few Quiq Messaging use cases:

Quiq Messaging1. Quiq Messaging helps convert tentative buyers into customers.  

If a consumer wants to make a purchase but has a question, it should be easy to get an answer right away.  Back in the day, many companies implemented web chat for just this reason.  However, the majority of website visitors are on mobile devices and web chat simply isn’t the best messaging option from any mobile device.  Why not make it as easy and comfortable to contact you as it is to text with friends?


2. Quiq Messaging can help significantly reduce your contact center costs by converting phone calls into messaging conversations.

By converting the call to a text, the conversation is moved from the most expensive channel to the least expensive channel AND the customer will be happier – they didn’t want to make a phone call in the first place, but they wanted help– right now!  This would look something like the following:

“An agent will be with you shortly.  If you’d rather text with an agent, press 1….”

When the customer presses 1, they immediately receive a text message and start a conversation with an agent, resulting in a direct cost savings of 80%. Customers will be more satisfied because they prefer to text and you’ll be more efficient.  A true win-win!!


3. Quiq Messaging can make those traditionally one-way Outbound Notifications interactive.

Everyone is familiar with shipping and other notifications delivered via SMS.  However, very few companies have the ability to actually receive responses back to those outbound notifications. We can turn this one-way push, into a two-way engagement:

“Confirming delivery today of your order ”.  Text us back if you have any questions.  Thanks!!”

Quiq Messaging can not only send outbound SMS notifications but also handle responses just like any other Messaging conversation, thereby reducing calls that would otherwise be made to the contact center.

Don’t wait. Be where your customers already are. See how Quiq Messaging can help improve your business!


CEO, Quiq

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