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Introducing Voice AI: Revolutionizing Phone-Based Customer Support with Multimodal AI-Powered Conversations

Date: June 27, 2024 (9AM PST / 10AM MST / 12PM EST)
Location: Online

The generative AI revolution is in full swing. Perhaps the most fascinating developments have been in multimodal interactivity—specifically with seamless transitions between voice, text messaging, and human agents. 

With the average call center receiving 4,400 calls per month and the average cost per call being $5 – $6, customer service by phone remains a dominant channel for service—as well as a hefty cost reduction opportunity for businesses. 

That’s why Quiq is excited to introduce Voice AI, an application of LLM-powered AI to the contact center’s most expensive channel: phone calls.


Mike Myer
CEO and Founder
Olivia Marrese, PhD
Sr. Conversational Designer

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Join Quiq CEO Mike Myer and Olivia Marrese, Sr. Conversational Designer at Quiq, as they dive into how Quiq is applying the latest AI to voice. Together, they’ll discuss:

  • What the opportunities & challenges are: Discover the business and customer benefits of integrating AI with traditional phone call experiences—like increased CSAT, personalization, and agent efficiency.
  • How it works and show you firsthand: Watch Quiq demo how to replace complex IVR flows with AI-powered voice, hand off to human agents, integrate into your IVR & telephony tech stack, and more. 
  • Where Voice AI fits into the overall CX: How customers can enjoy on-demand digital convenience with an easy handoff from voice into mobile messaging channels, should they prefer to communicate asynchronously. 

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