Quiq vs. LivePerson

Find out why Quiq is the better LivePerson

Quiq was built from scratch for enterprise-class asynchronous messaging and conversational AI. LivePerson pivoted from synchronous web chat with human agents. LivePerson’s name is just one example of many that the pivot wasn’t perfect.

“As it is in the midst of its transition to LLMs and genAI, it is no surprise its reference customers commented that the company lags in those areas. Additionally, the product currently requires three different development environments to build a robust self-service application.”
Forrester on LivePerson, May 2024The Forrester Wave™: Conversational AI for Customer Service, Q2 2024.

Source: All satisfaction statistics based on user ratings from G2® Help Desk Comparison: Quiq and LivePerson.

How Quiq beats LivePerson

Fits with your existing systems, no rip and replace needed.

LivePerson doesn’t play well others. Quiq understands the investment you’ve made in your existing systems and we have designed Quiq to integrate tightly with Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Kustomer as well as your internal systems.

Context-aware AI drives business outcomes.

Interested in making your customers happy each and every time? If so, a one-size fits all approach to AI won’t cut it. Quiq’s context-aware AI delivers personalized experiences for returning and new customers based upon where they are coming from and information gained from their customer profile.

Have smarter conversations, every time.

With Conversational Intelligence, Quiq has helped customers drive NLP precision rates above 90%, self-service rates up to 80%, and CSAT scores up 15+ points. Compared to LivePerson, Quiq is easy to use and costs less.

Is Quiq really better than LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud?

The short answer: Yes! Better technology, better client relationships, better ROI. Quiq’s best-in-class conversational AI combined with our Next Gen Contact Center is the most powerful solution for async digital conversations.

And while our technology is great, prior LivePerson customers have told us that what really sets Quiq apart is our team and our unwavering commitment to client success. So whether you’re researching LivePerson competitors as an unhappy customer or are considering conversational AI solutions broadly, talk to our team at Quiq.

Is Quiq secure, scalable and enterprise grade?

Yes. In fact, Quiq is SOC-2 certified and is built for the enterprise.

But as a solutions-oriented company, Quiq delivers more than software and services. We drive business outcomes specifically for large brands who have complex needs. Our clients span all B2C industries like retail/ecommerce, consumer services, travel/hospitality, consumer finance, and online gaming. To name a few:

  • Overstock
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Brinks Home Security
  • Blue Nile

But how much more will it cost to switch from LivePerson to Quiq?

Quiq charges only for interactions with your customers. Because there are no per agent fees you can enable as many agents as you need at no additional cost. Implementation and support are included for free. If you are unsure if async messaging and conversational AI is right for your business, our approach allows you to “Crawl, Walk, and then Run”.

Quiq implementations are easy and straightforward. LivePerson requires a high upfront investment and ongoing services which means low ROI.

Okay, I’m ready. How do I make the switch?

Making the switch from LivePerson is easy. Schedule time with a Quiq specialist today to get started.