Our pricing model is different

Everyone in your organization should have the the ability to use messaging, so we don’t charge by seat. Our annual subscription pricing is usage-based, so you pay us for the conversations you have with your customers.



750 SMS conversations/mo

500 Chat/Facebook Messenger/Kik conversations*/mo

2000 Outbound Notification Messages/mo

Unlimited users

Optional CRM Integration +$100/mo

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1500 SMS conversations/mo

1000 Chat/Facebook Messenger/Kik conversations*/mo

5000 Outbound Notification Messages/mo

Unlimited users

Optional CRM Integration +$200/mo

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Design your own custom plan to fit your unique business requirements

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*A conversation is the back and forth discussion between the customer and the company in a 24 hour period regardless of the number of messages exchanged.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you get ALL our features.
You heard us right!





All messaging channels in a single agent interface

Existing 1-800 numbers and landline numbers enabled to handle text messaging

Convert phone calls to text messaging with easy IVR integration

Rich messaging with Apple Business Chat and Google Rich Business Messaging

Cross-channel rich messaging capabilities span all messaging platforms

Chatbots access available to build own or to utilize 3rd party custom bots (for a fee)

Our “Adaptive Response Timer” for the automatic and intelligent prioritization of multiple conversations for each agent

Text and rich messaging Snippets, or pre-built responses, with shortcut keys for agents to respond more quickly

Ability for customers and employees to share emojis, images, videos, and PDFs

Rules for routing and queuing of inbound conversations

Service level management to ensure agents handle conversations within your business requirements

Ability to collaborate/”whisper” and even transfer conversations

Real-time operational metrics and historical reporting for managers

Open access Quiq API to seamlessly integrate into existing CRM and 3rd party applications

Basic implementation to help you launch messaging in your organization

Enterprise-grade security to ensure data is kept private and safe

Quiq’s superior customer service with 24x7x365 text, phone, and email support

24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support

Whether you need support in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, Quiq is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are available however you want to reach us…text, social, chat, phone, email. Feel free to reach out anytime. We look forward to meeting you.


A conversation is the compilation of all messages sent back and forth between an agent or employee and the customer. There can be any number of messages that make up a conversation. From a pricing perspective, a conversation lasts 24 hours. From the customer experience perspective, conversations never end. They are “always-on”. Customers and agents can see the entire conversation history and resume at any time.

Based on the data we have accumulated from our clients, we would recommend you take your current call volume and assume that 10% of inbound calls will be deflected to the messaging channel. The 10% is on the lower end of the 10-20% call deflection rate that our customers are realizing.

Let’s set up some time to talk so that we can help you pick the right plan for your needs. Text us at 646-887-8398.

We use year-long subscriptions.

We’re fanatics about our customers and providing them help when they need it. Quiq provides 24/7 support. If you need us we’re only a message (or call or email) away.

Quiq Messaging has pre-built integrations with the most common CRM systems including Salesforce, Oracle Service Cloud, and Zendesk. We also have an open API that can easily be connected to other systems.

You don’t necessarily need new phone numbers to get started. You can enable your existing landlines, including 1-800 numbers to send and receive text messages. If you’d like to have lines dedicated solely to the messaging channel we can provision phone numbers on your behalf.

Typically agents can handle 6 – 8 conversations at once. Some seasoned agents can handle up to 12 on the messaging channel, but  6 – 8 messages at one time is most common. This may sound like a lot, but that is the beauty of asynchronous communication. Customers are engaging with you at their pace – some faster or slower than others. Quiq’s adaptive response timer automatically prioritizes incoming conversations based on the pace of the customers, ensuring agents exceed the customer’s expectations.

We’ll partner with you during quarterly business review meetings to ensure your current package meets your needs. As you grow, your package can grow and the cost per message decreases.

Absolutely. Customer security and privacy is a high priority for Quiq. Our team takes extensive measures to ensure our software is secure.