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LLM Powered AI Assistant

Quiq is proud to reveal the next generation of conversational AI assistants, thanks to Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)!

What was once impossible is now a reality with the advent of LLMs (the AI that powers ChatGPT)—and our innovative approach to harnessing their generative language capabilities along with your data.

Watch Quiq Product Manager Max Fortis demo how Quiq-built knowledge and data-driven assistants are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in customer service and experience.

Here are some things you’ll see Max demonstrate:

  • How a Quiq LLM Knowledge-Driven Assistant goes far beyond FAQ chatbots built off static knowledge bases to generate responses that are personalized to how and what customers say.
  • How a Quiq LLM Directed Goals Assistant can automate a business process, like booking a trip, with human-like levels of skill.
  • Key risks of LLMs—response accuracy, data & privacy security, and brand safety—and the guardrails we carefully put in place to neutralize those risks for the enterprise.
  • The limitations of LLMs and how we circumvent them to create the best experiences possible.
    How Assistants handle nuanced customer inquiries vs. the previous generation of technology.

…and more!

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Max Fortis
Product Manager

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