Live Quiq Demo

Date: February 23, 2023 (2PM ET | 11AM PT)

Join Lawrence Morrisroe, Director of Product Marketing at Quiq, for an exciting behind-the-curtain look at Quiq in action.

Here’s some of what Lawrence will be demoing:

  • What adding Quiq looks like on a website from the front and back ends.
  • How it works to proactively engage shoppers, complete more sales, and upsell your customers more effectively.
  • IVR to SMS text conversion.
  • How snippets boost agent efficiency.
  • What asynchronous actually looks like in web chat.
  • Our Agent Response Timer (ART).
  • How our software allows your agents to securely process payments over messaging channels without accessing customer credit card data.
  • Ways Quiq works with Google Business Messages and Apple Messages for Business.
  • How Quiq translates web chat conversations into other languages.

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Lawrence Morrisroe Director of Product Marketing Quiq
Lawrence Morrisroe
Director of Product Marketing

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