Terminix takes control with outbound messaging and sees astounding $7M in ROI.

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Pest control


USA, Canada, UK



Terminix wanted a more efficient way to send appointment reminders to customers while reducing outbound call expenses and keeping everyone safe during pandemic challenges.


Outbound messaging with Quiq created new ways for Terminix to reach customers, increase cross-sales ROI, and improve employee experience.

Buzzing with customer and employee satisfaction.

For more than 90 years, Terminix has been helping businesses and residents get rid of common household pests 365 days a year. Typically a seasonal business that’s busiest during the summer months, the company needed to figure out how to best manage seasonal peaks alongside COVID-related barriers.

Field technicians who’d long prided themselves on filling requests in a timely, efficient and affordable manner were now dealing with a different kind of customer: ones that prefer asynchronous communication, including text reminders over old-fashioned phone calls.

Terminix Digital Operations Manager, Fabiola Leyva (or Fabi for short), also needed a solution that would cut costs, meet customers in their preferred channels, drive internal efficiencies—and prove no pandemic could bring down these pest control pros.

Fabi looked into Quiq’s OBN services and decided AI-powered bot support would improve efficiency, reduce frustrations—and enable a wider, more effective sales pipeline.

The results created quite a buzz!

The Quiq gist: swarming in success.

Quiq enabled Terminix to:

  • Produce cross-sale ROI worth $7 million in 9 months
  • Reduce employment assessment duration by one-half a day
  • Lower the cost of outbound calls
“Quiq showed us we could offer more capabilities and flexibility while seeing an amazing ROI we never thought possible.”
Fabi Leyva
Digital Operations Manager, Terminix

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