Customer-Facing AI Assistants

AI’s next chapter is
starting and your
customers will love it.

Deploy LLM and Generative AI Assistants to lower costs.

AI-powered language generation

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have incredible language comprehension and language generation capabilities.

Across all modern channels

At Quiq, we’re harnessing these capabilities to build digital AI Assistants for your business across all modern channels—including voice.

Boost your CX and business

Whether you’re looking to decrease the support volume that’s routed to human agents, increase sales, or completely transform your customer experience, our LLM AI Assistants will blow your mind.

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Why customer-facing AI Assistants?

  • True personalization at scale.

    Your customers will receive responses that are tailored directly to them—just like your best customer service agent provides. This wasn’t possible with previous technology. It’s the difference between using variables or templates(“Hi {{name}}, here’s an article that may help”), and a truly personal response.

  • Increase self-service.

    Dramatically improve the percentage of customer interactions that are resolved via self-service.

  • Focus agents on high-value interactions.

    Agents can deal with the interactions that most require human intuition and judgment, leaving routine inquiries to automation.

  • Improve customer experience.

    Personalized, conversational responses are a better experience than searching FAQ articles and static flows.

  • Detailed reporting.

    Quiq Insights is a native feature in our Conversational CX Platform. It provides a detailed understanding of your Assistants’ effectiveness and customer conversation analytics.

Quiq built LOOP Insurance a customer-facing AI Assistant using generative AI and LLMs. The results have been impressive:

  • Customers get the right answer personalized to their situation
  • Customer self-service rate increased by 3X to more than 50% automated resolution
  • 75% positive customer satisfaction rating for the AI Assistant
  • 55% decrease in email tickets
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Resolve more inquiries, faster.

Quiq combines LLMs with semantic search, your knowledge sources, and other technologies to provide a custom Assistant that can answer your most frequently asked questions across all of your messaging touchpoints.

When your customers ask questions, they’ll get concise and personalized answers back without hallucinations, significantly outperforming traditional knowledge base search. As a result, you’ll resolve 30-80% of existing inquiries in digital channels with an LLM-powered Assistant.

For inquiries that need an agent, seamlessly hand them off to human agent working in the Quiq Conversational CX Platform or a third-party agent desktop.

Integrate customer data & next-gen AI safely.

In addition to training on knowledge, Quiq can enable customer data by integrating with systems beyond knowledge, such as order management, product feed, or CRM data.

Data integration means you can go further to programmatically resolve inquiries like “Where Is my order?”, “What’s my account balance?”, “I need a refund” and more.

And with Quiq’s guardrails and data security-first approach, your enterprise business can realize the results without brand risks. Our solution has built-in fact checking and safeguards and our team of experts will make sure your AI Assistant is on brand and compliant, all the time.

Know if your AI is improving your CX.

Most CCaaS or CRM solutions offer last-gen natural language understanding. They don’t offer in-depth reporting. But Quiq gives you both high-level and granular insights into how your AI assistants are performing.

You’ll have the insights and measurements to see how your AI Assistant bot is tracking against your goals. Right down to whether conversations are resolved or just deflected.

Elevate your customer support with Quiq AI Assistants.