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Conversational Design and Tuning - how can I help.

Incredible chatbot conversations customized
for your business.

Give your customers a sense of wonder with chatbot conversations that are so smooth
and intuitive that it feels like they’re conversing with a human agent. With optimized
chatbot conversations, customers get the answers and guidance they need and the
interactive, timely experiences they prefer.

What is conversational design and

Conversational design is a practice, not unlike UX design, that combines technology, psychology, and language to create a human-like conversational flow for chatbots. Conversational tuning is the process of continual improvements to your chatbot conversation flow over time. Quiq’s unique Conversational AI engine combines tools, technology, and best practices to design chatbot interactions that feel empathetic, natural, and on-brand.

What is conversational design and tuning?

Why conversational design and

Instead of just reading claims about your service, customers want to take part in conversations that answer their questions and move them through the customer journey. A thoughtfully designed chatbot can proactively interact with customers, answer questions, and guide them through the customer experience.

Conversational Design and Tuning - Why conversational design and tuning

Learn how to design a chatbot conversation
that speaks to your customers.

Not all AI conversations are
created equal.

When designing chatbot conversations, most of the market uses deflection as a key metric. But deflection doesn’t mean an issue is resolved; it means the customer is handed off to an agent. This results in more call volume and lower NPS. At Quiq, we asked: What if your chatbot could do more? Our team and Conversational AI tools focus on efficiency, resolution, and revenue. By optimizing chatbot conversations to these metrics, your bot can do more than just deflect—it can actually resolve issues; driving growth, higher CSAT scores, and lower phone costs.

Conversational Design and Tuning - Not all AI conversations are created equal.
The new discipline of conversation design is helping organizations design better chatbots, and many long-standing principles of good design are helping, too.
—Forrester, Digital CX and Design trends, 2022

Achieve Net Promoter Scores in
the top 50-75%.

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) calculates how likely your customers are to recommend your brand. Businesses that work with Quiq to design and tune their chatbot conversations get an average NPS from their customers of 56—well above the industry average of 36.

Conversational Design and Tuning stats

What makes Quiq’s conversational
design and tuning service unique?

Designing a chatbot conversation isn’t as simple as anticipating customer questions and writing out answers. It takes careful planning and a complex set of programming and design skills. With years of experience in real-world best practices, we have built the tools and the process for designing experiences that go beyond the industry standard. Our conversational AI engine and platform deliver high-quality conversational experiences between businesses and customers.

Conversational Design and Tuning - What makes Quiq’s conversational design and tuning service unique?

Why partner with Quiq?

At Quiq, we’ve been building conversational AI solutions for marketing, service, and customer experience since 2015 and have honed our design practices over hundreds of millions of interactions. We’ll work with you in an agile way to design and build the ideal chatbot experience for customers and fine-tune your AI conversations to fit your unique business needs.

Conversational Design & Tuning - Why partner with Quiq?

Your success is critical to ours.

That’s why when you partner with Quiq, we’ll help you create best-in-class experiences by:

  • Understanding your business goals
  • Being a source of knowledge on best practices and latest technologies
  • Advising how to engage with users and manage the back-and-forth of a conversation
  • Defining what channels the experience will live on, and the capabilities of that surface
  • Understanding what data and systems will need integration and where
  • Analyzing performance against benchmarks and making recommendations for optimization
  • Managing the complexity that comes with working on multiple surfaces, in multiple languages, with multiple systems
  • Running A/B and multivariate tests
Conversational Design and Tuning - Your success is critical to ours.
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Daily Harvest elevates CX with Sage, an artificially intelligent chatbot.

Working together, Quiq helped Daily Harvest build the start of a sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) model, then gradually fine-tuned Sage’s ability to interpret customers’ language and syntax and more.

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