“I don’t want messaging”,
Said No App User,

In-App Messaging

Allow customers to message with your brand without leaving your app. Keep them active and engaged, right where they are. Increase purchase conversions with a business messaging app to help with pre-sales questions. Reduce inbound calls and emails with seamless in-app communication.


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In-app messaging made easy example

In-App messaging made easy

Quiq provides the convenience of text messaging within your app without the work of building it out yourself. Quiq integrates seamlessly into your app, extending your brand experience to your customer’s connected lifestyle. Whether your app is Native, Hybrid or Web, Quiq Messaging can be incorporated easily.

Moments of Need,
Handled Inline.

In-App messaging built for the contact center

In-App messaging fits right into Quiq’s multichannel messaging platform alongside other channels. You’ll get the full power of Quiq’s enterprise-class asynchronous messaging engine for in-app communications, including:

  • Conversation orchestration across bots, human agents or both
  • Send and receive images, videos, and emojis
  • Real-time operational dashboards allow managers to understand and tune performance
  • Extensible UI brings internal system data alive in the agent experience
  • Advanced analytics provide you with clear insights into your chat performance
In-app messaging built for the contact center agent desktop


A Better Business Messaging App

Quiq’s business messaging app solution allows your brand to connect with customers in a consistent way, without them ever having to leave your app ecosystem.

Your Customers, Your Brand, Your App

Your customers love engaging with your app. With Quiq, you can add messaging to your app, along with all of the features that allow your company to more easily engage with your customers such as chatbots, videos, and emojis. Improve customer satisfaction and increase retention by helping your customers right within your app. Quiq’s advanced features ensure that asynchronous conversations fit naturally with your brand and your customer’s mobile-first lifestyle.

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