Quiq Has Acquired Snaps, A Leader In Conversational AI


Quiq Has Acquired Snaps, A Leader In Conversational AI

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Quiq has acquired Snaps! Together, the Quiq and Snaps teams have unsurpassed experience in asynchronous messaging and deep expertise in Conversational AI. We will be an unstoppable force in the digital transformation of customer communications!

Often the word “synergy” is used to describe acquisitions. In this case, it’s more than that. I think “perfect fit” sums it up more succinctly. Like two pieces from different puzzles that miraculously fit together like they were cut from the same sheet of cardboard, Quiq and Snaps are a perfect fit.

From my initial meeting with Christian Brucculeri, Snaps CEO, I was impressed with the business he and the Snaps team had built helping automate customer interactions using Conversational AI (think chatbots, but smarter!). When deployed in an ecommerce use case a Snaps bot had helped a brand increase their purchase conversion by more than 300%. When used to help customers answer questions, the bot resolved 85% of inquiries. Clearly these results weren’t any ordinary chatbot! We have architected Quiq so that bots and agents are both first class citizens, each capable of handling any part of a conversation and seamlessly passing the conversation between them. Quiq also has a super powerful graphical tool that allows our clients to design their own bots, but Quiq’s bots today don’t match the level of Natural Language Understanding that Snaps provides. By adding Snaps Conversational AI to our bot framework, Quiq will now offer our clients AI Automation that delivers unmatched outcomes and is consumable by a business user. This is the first way we fit together perfectly.

AI isn’t any good without humans. The amazing results of Snaps AI Automation isn’t due only to great technology, but much of the credit lies with the conversational design savvy that the Snaps team injects into their bots and the on-going tuning that they deliver. This is the second way that Quiq and Snaps are a perfect complement to each other. While we have been working on growing Quiq’s services capacity, conversational design is a special skill and we haven’t been able to develop it as one of our core competencies. By joining forces with Snaps we now have a team of experts ready to assist our clients when they need help designing and building impactful Conversational AI.

Today the majority of Quiq’s clients use our messaging platform to interact with customers to solve issues in a customer service context. Conversely, Snaps has been very successful helping marketing organizations attract new customers and convert shoppers to buyers. From a customer’s perspective the internal organizational division shouldn’t matter. They want one seamless, long running conversational interaction with their favorite brand. Enterprises need a solution for digital engagement across the complete customer lifecycle, from marketing to conversational commerce to customer service. The union of the Quiq and Snaps teams combines the knowledge and the technology to power digital conversations throughout the customer journey.

The final area of perfect fit that I will call out is Quiq’s and Snaps’ unwavering commitment to client’s success. From that first meeting with Christian and in every interaction since, Christian and the Snap’s teams passion for their customers has been apparent. At Quiq, we share that same passion. The people that buy our solution are practitioners of great customer experiences. It’s their job to deliver great experiences to their own customers, so their standards for the experience that they get from their vendors is high. I’m confident that our combined team will exceed those expectations.

The world has changed as a result of COVID. We’re not going back. The momentum behind consumer’s preference for digital interactions is only going to accelerate. The new Quiq, formed by the combination of those two perfectly fitting puzzle pieces, is uniquely positioned to help businesses transform and meet their customers demands for the next generation of digital conversations!

Quiq CEO & Founder

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