Business Text Messaging for More In-Depth Consumer Engagement

Business Text Messaging for More In-Depth Consumer Engagement

Business messaging has applications across a wide range of industries for building more in-depth engagement with consumers. To find out how businesses are using messaging to strengthen ties with customers, we asked several companies about how texting for business has played a role in their digital transformation. Their responses were insightful and inspiring — even heartwarming.

Encouraging Customer Communication

Messaging, whether it’s in the form of SMS, web chat, or social media messaging, has become one of the primary ways that people stay in touch with each other. Rather than making a call or penning a letter to stay in touch with friends, consumers reach for their mobile devices to send out a message. While most consumers are familiar with messaging friends and family to stay in touch, business text messaging is emerging as a powerful way for customers to connect more effectively with the brands they love.

This more relaxed or casual engagement between businesses and consumers makes for some fascinating use cases, as we’ll see in this first example. We’ll find out how ordering baby food can be a pretense for heart-to-heart connections among parents once the conversations between companies and customers are opened up. In this stunning demonstration of the potential that business text messaging has for driving deeper engagements, Michael from Little Spoon shared their story:

“Well, our use case for texting customer service turned into an entire platform for parents with questions called At Little Spoon, a direct-to-your-door organic baby food company, our customer care team is comprised of customer moms that work for the brand part time. When our customers would ask basic support questions through text, conversations would end up shifting from ‘where’s my order?’ to ‘why do I resent my husband?’ once they found out it wasn’t an outsourced support team, but moms like them.

We got SO many questions about the craziest parts of parenthood that our customers were too shy or embarrassed to ask their friends/family — from ‘is it normal that I now pee every time I go for a run?’ to ‘is it okay that I think my kid is just average?’ We were inundated with questions about mental, physical, and sexual health and shared these inquiries with some friends.

Our text customer service turned into a resource for questions moms have — well beyond our baby food company — into a platform that moms were begging for.”

Keeping it Simple Through Text

When asked why customers prefer messaging, two words often come up: “convenience” and “simplicity.” Consumers can message a business just like they message their friends, and can use rich messaging to express themselves however they want. Asynchronous messaging means that a conversation can be picked up at any time, and cross-channel capabilities allow for increased flexibility.

The streamlined customer experience that business text messaging offers was often reported as a top benefit by Lisamarie of PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists:

“Clients like simplicity. If they can get the information and the product they want via texting, this is the world we live in today.”

Offering Exclusive Deals & Drivving More Purchases

Opening up the conversation empowers consumers to strike a deal, as Mike of UT Health shared with his experience of texting for business:

“I routinely text message or Facebook message with companies that offer an interesting product. I typically either ask about availability (if I know I want to buy it) or a discount (if I’m willing to buy it, but only at a lower price).

I ended up purchasing protein powder that I would not otherwise have bought, after I text messaged with the business and arranged a 15% discount. I also bought a $149 course that I would not have otherwise bought, after I text messaged the business and asked for a discount (they sent a coupon for $50 off of the $199 price).”

Providing Personalized Service

Conversing with customers is one of the most powerful ways to gather consumer data, as demonstrated by Lee & Associates, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the country. The firm set up 60 unique triggers to offer a personalized service to their clients. Tyler, Account Executive of BLASTMedia, shared more about this personalization:

“Each property has a unique keyword encouraging interested parties to text for more information. Lee & Associates uses this information to immediately understand what a lead is looking for in a property.”

In-Depth Texting for Business Use Cases

For a more comprehensive look at the ways that messaging can help organizations manage changes in market demand, take a look at our in-depth article on how Brinks Home Security partnered with Quiq Messaging. Texas A&M also used Quiq Messaging to graduate from emails and auto-dialers, as we touch upon in this case study.

As you can see, business messaging can transform the way that customers and companies connect. To discover the power of Quiq Messaging for yourself, try a free demo today.

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