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Overwhelming call volumes and cost—
underwhelming customer experiences.

That just about sums up the problem with classic contact centers, which rely on phone, IVR, and email to handle customer needs. If you’re a customer service leader, you know brands are increasingly abandoning contact centers entirely because costs are too high—and both customers and agents are unhappy. So, are you ready to stop losing customers to poor experiences and competing brands who’ve already figured out the solution? If so, you’re in the right place!

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The future of business
communications needs to be
frictionless and smarter.

Outdated contact center structures and technology are increasingly expensive and your customers don’t always want to call, if at all. They want to communicate in ways that work for their lives: asynchronously. Asynchronous messaging isn’t time-bound, so customers can pick up conversations as it fits their schedules—and agents can handle more volume at one time. But it’s not possible for businesses to accommodate this customer preference without cutting-edge contact center AI technology.

Asynchronous: Help 6-8 customers at one time.

Traditional contact centers are built
for synchronous communication.

The problem is that traditional contact centers lack the right architecture to handle asynchronous messaging conversations effectively. They handle the medium the same way they handle phone calls and web chat: synchronously. This results in conversations being ended too quickly, CSAT scores going down, text-only experiences, and other issues.

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Quiq’s Next-Generation
Contact Center is the solution.

On the other hand, if you can update your technology to meet customers where they’re at, you can evolve your contact center into a profit center by improving the customer journey. Quiq’s asynchronous architecture—the foundation of the Next-Generation Contact Center—makes this possible. We enable businesses to make themselves available on modern channels where customers are already spending their time, including: SMS/texting, Apple Messages for Business, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. We combine that channel support with intelligent AI to make it easier for businesses to answer customer questions and have more efficient conversations. This is why Quiq is ready to be your contact center solution today.

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What to expect on your journey to
Next Gen.

Enabling a messaging-first strategy requires rethinking your process, and also the tools you use. Today, adopting a conversational strategy means embracing new process, new software, and conversational AI. When you partner with Quiq, we guide you through all this—but we also do the heavy lifting for your business to fundamentally change from synchronous to asychronous customer communication. Improve your contact center performance with Quiq.

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Our Next-Generation Contact Center
makes it much easier to:

  • Manage customer service operations Icon

    Manage customer service operations

    Quiq gives your team the advanced capabilities they need to drive efficiency and effectiveness, without sacrificing customer satisfaction.
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  • Analyze results Icon

    Analyze results

    Delivering the best customer experience begins with insight into interactions between customers and your brand. Quiq’s reporting dashboard offers your managers a real-time and historical understanding of agent performance, contact center load, and KPI’s related to customer satisfaction.
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  • Optimize agent performance Icon

    Optimize agent performance

    Features like Quiq’s Adaptive Response Timer (ART), bots, snippets, and sentiment analysis empower employees with time-saving tools so they can focus on helping customers.

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As automation takes over more of the basic and repetitive tasks that contact center agents perform, they are freed up to do more consultative tasks like closing the customer feedback loop. This lets companies reduce the need for live agents while also improving CX metrics like Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT). These opportunities can reduce costs even as they create a “sticky” relationship with customers, which can increase revenue.
—Forrester, The CX Professional’s Guide to Working with Contact Center Technologies and Leaders

Agents using Quiq can handle up to 8 conversations
at once. They’re also 50% less likely to call out sick.

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