Quiq gives you all the features to help sales, service, or marketing engage with prospects and customers through messaging. Message with customers on an existing phone number, website, mobile app, or on social media and manage it all in our elegantly simple user interface.

Converting calls to text - IVR


Quiq easily integrates with your existing IVR system to offer customers the option to text you instead of a phone call. Give customers the option to engage with you on their terms and watch your customer satisfaction rates rise.

  • Offer to serve your customers on the channel they prefer with family and friends
  • Deflect higher cost phone calls to lower cost messaging – an agent can handle multiple messaging conversations versus one phone call
  • Decrease time to resolution by sending and receiving images and videos
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Learn how Quiq has set the standard for agent experience and efficiency:

  • A single, unified desktop where employees can easily manage multiple simultaneous conversations
  • Quiq’s Adaptive Response Timer automatically prioritizes customers conversations
  • Pre-built, cross-channel responses offer a quick and easy way to handle repetitive questions
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Optimizing agent performance with Quiq

Managing operations with Quiq


Quiq arms managers with the capabilities to drive productivity and reduce costs. Quiq can drive significant efficiency gains for your team:

  • Seamless combination of humans and bots to successfully help customers
  • Leverage queues, collaboration, and transfer capabilities to better serve customers
  • Sentiment analysis to easily identify the at-risk customer conversations
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards provide overview of operations
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With Quiq’s language translation services, messages are enhanced to support the automatic translation of incoming and outgoing messages in a conversation. Automatically translate messages between customers and agents in over 100 languages across all asynchronous channels.

  • Conversation language is auto-detected and translated
  • Customer receives messages in their preferred language
  • Both the original and translated messages are stored as part of the saved message transcript
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Translate Messaging Conversations Automatically Agent Efficiency Features

Analyzing results with Quiq


Quiq offers real-time reports and dashboards to help you measure and manage your operations.

  • High-level dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into agent and team performance
  • Current and historical detailed reports with the ability to drill-down into individual customer conversations
  • Monitor new agents with the capability to preview and even join active conversations
  • Export statistics and conversation data to compile with other system data into third-party BI tools
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