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So many challenges, so little time.

Are you looking to solve inconsistent communication with your customers? Are you having trouble hiring and retaining support agents? Or perhaps you need to drive higher order value and conversion rates on your website while offering your customers better experiences? Quiq’s Conversational AI Platform helps you resolve these critical business issues—and take performance to a whole new level.

The solution is conversational AI.

Conversational AI is a set of technologies behind automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans.

At Quiq, we’ve combined best-in-market Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a context-setting engine to make the most effective conversational AI solution possible. Think of it as the best agent you’ve ever had that never signs off. With it, you can dramatically improve:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversions
  • Issue resolution rates
  • Time-to-first-response
  • Time-to-resolution
  • CSAT and NPS scores
Quiq Conversational AI Engine Context-aware
In 2022, the emerging technologies that design leaders should focus on most are conversational AI (CAI) and extended reality (XR).
—Forrester, Design and Digital Trends, 2022

How our conversational AI
technology is different.

Quiq’s conversational AI engine is the bundled set of technologies we use to deliver best-in-class AI. Most AI tools don’t offer a context engine, lack capabilities for proactive engagement, or are missing sufficient reporting to enable users to dive deeply into experiences.

We’ve integrated these capabilities—and more:

  • Web-based SDK, which we use for context setting
  • Engagement manager for proactive communication
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify customer intent
  • Chatbot reporting to show high-level metrics on overall performance of flows
Quiq Conversational AI Engine Quadrant

Quiq customers often see NLP precision rates upwards of 90%, and they increase customer satisfaction ratings by about 15 points.

From intent to performance insights.

Is a customer in a shopping flow, or are they looking for support? Are they revisiting your website to follow up on a purchase that they recently made? Quiq’s conversational AI engine makes it easy for you to identify intent and set the context of a conversation.

Understanding customer intent is an essential first step—but we know that NLP is only as good as the content you can deliver after context is established.

With Quiq, you can use that intent to proactively engage customers, route to sales or support more effectively—and gain insight into what’s working well and where you can make improvements. Why wait? Start getting improved response quality from your customers now!

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Blue Nile: customer chat screenshot.


CSAT rate on their


increase in sales
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Blue Nile used AI messaging and a handoff to human Diamond Experts when NLP conversational AI identified sales intents. Discover exactly how Blue Nile achieved dazzling business results through a conversational AI chatbot powered by Quiq.

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