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Quiq is on a mission to transform customer conversations. First we made it easier for companies to engage with customers over the digital channels they prefer, like SMS/text, web chat, and social. Now, we’re making it possible to automate those conversations and streamline your workflow with the help of bots and conversation rules.

We’re excited to announce a new product to our lineup called Quiq IQ, a complete solution to build, manage and optimize chatbots for your business. In short, Quiq IQ is the no-code, intuitive answer to build and deploy bots in your business. Whether you build a Quiq bot or use a third-party bot, Quiq IQ supports humans, Quiq bots, and third-party bots working seamlessly together.

Easily orchestrate automated conversations involving both bots and humans across every digital channel. Let’s take a closer look at Quiq IQ and how easily you can deploy bots into your business.

Building Bots

Building a chatbot has never been easier with our intuitive bot designer. Our point and click interface helps you visualize and build your ideal conversation flow.

Your customers can engage with a bot to efficiently place an order, quickly get a order status update, or even gather more information on a product. There’s plenty of options. With Quiq IQ, you can effortlessly map out intent, using a few key words to determine the customers motive and make it easy to get to a human agent whenever the customer wants.

Made some changes and want to undo those changes? Hey, we’ve all been there. That’s why we made a bot designer with versioning, so you can revert to whatever saved version of your bot you want to work with. You can work fearlessly within our bot designer to create a basic workflow and build on it as necessary. Read more about versioning in our the Quiq Knowledge Center.

Every bot you create works across all of Quiq’s supported platforms. Build your bot once and run it on SMS/text messaging, rich messaging channels like Apple Business Chat and Google RBM, web chat, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Get the full Bot Designer Guide in our Knowledge Center.

Integrating Bots

The Quiq Bot API is a simple way to make conversations flow seamlessly between humans, Quiq bots, and third-party bots. Quiq’s bot framework facilitates syncing and relaying data between bots and applications.

Quiq IQ enables you to use the right tools at the right time. Quiq’s bot framework allows for integration to third-party systems. Use webhooks to communicate with external systems, trigger other messages, or other bot behaviors.

Conversation Rules

With Quiq IQ, you can build rule sets that can be fired on any conversation event (e.g. start or end a conversation, assign the conversation to another agent or bot, or start a new message). Conversation rules make it possible to orchestrate a seamless experience for your customer throughout the conversation.

Without using code, you can build rules that control when a conversation gets escalated to a human agent or higher tier of support. For example, if the last customer message in a conversation contains the keywords “angry” or “frustrated”, you could create a conversation rule around that condition and add an action to send an auto-response such as “We’re sorry that we’re not meeting your expectations. Let me get you to a human”, and then send the conversation to a human agent for more assistance by routing the conversation to an escalation queue.

Deploy Chatbots today

Clients like Stio and Brinks Home Security have realized major gains in productivity across their digital customer service channels. With the help of Quiq IQ, these clients and many others have quickly deployed bots within their companies to deflect calls, assist human agents, and expedite conversations to resolution.

Quiq IQ is a bot builder unlike any other on the market today:

  • The Quiq bot designer helps anyone create a bot. An intuitive, graphical designer makes creating a bot workflow a breeze.
  • Messages are automatically transformed to the richest form possible for every channel, so bot developers don’t need to worry about channel capabilities
  • Quiq Bots and third-party bots work seamlessly with agents, participating before, during, or after any conversation.
  • Agents can invite a bot to join a conversation to capture information at any time during the conversation and the bot will pass it back when done.

We’re ready to help you deploy your ideal bot strategy. Schedule some time so we can help you most effectively deploy bots across your organization.

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