Press Release: Quiq Announces New Multilingual Support Feature

Press Release Quiq Announces New Multi-language Translation Feature

Quiq’s New Multilingual Support Feature

Quiq: “Ahora hablamos español”

Quiq debuts multilingual support; organizations can expand support in the U.S. and globally

With up to 350 languages spoken in the U.S., it’s a big challenge for organizations to be able to offer great service to everyone who contacts them in need of assistance. And with over 40 million native Spanish speakers here in the U.S., Spanish must be an option for customer service phone calls, chat or text. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Quiq Translate, a new feature that translates multi-language exchanges between customers and agents.

Quiq’s digital conversation platform drives operational excellence in digital customer support and service with features that teams can use to manage and measure cross-channel messaging in a single intuitive workspace. With Quiq Translate, companies can translate over 100 languages making messaging even more accessible and convenient.

Agents specify which languages they can handle. The language of the conversation is detected based on the customer’s message. If the agent doesn’t speak the customer’s language, incoming messages are automatically translated. The agent can still see the translated message and the original untranslated message.

Outgoing messages from the agent are automatically translated, so customers receive responses in their preferred language. Both the original and translated messages are stored as part of the saved message transcript.

The City of Knoxville’s 311 Center for Service Innovation, which houses Eastern Tennessee’s 2-1-1- and has been piloting the technology, said that Spanish speakers are one of the City’s fastest-growing groups. The City is eager that its services to reach this population, many of whom prefer mobile devices and text and messaging as their preferred method of communication.

“Working with Quiq, we’re making sure that those that need services can access them, regardless of the language they speak,” said Russ Jensen, director, the City of Knoxville’s 3-1-1 & 2-1-1. They have been working closely with Quiq for nearly a year. In April 2020, Knoxville launched a Covid-19 chatbot to help residents get important information related to Covid-19, such as a symptom checker, or to access services such as food banks.

Quiq Translate also provides retailers and credit unions a way to cost-effectively provide multilingual customer service to a broad base of consumers using the messaging channel: whether those customers are in the U.S., South America or Europe. Research has found that multilingual support can increase how likely a customer is to repurchase.

The world is getting smaller and more connected, and businesses are growing on a global scale. Language can no longer be a barrier to this.

Quiq is the Digital Conversation Company, enabling businesses to engage with customers across the most popular digital messaging channels, exceeding the expectations of digital engagement for support and service teams. Quiq is enterprise-grade SaaS software that supports SMS/text, Apple Messages for Business, Google’s Business Messages, webchat, Facebook, Twitter, call-to-text, Chatbots, and more.

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