Quiq Announces $25million in Series C Funding

Series C - Quiq raised $25M

We are thrilled to announce that Quiq has raised a $25M Series C round of funding. The round was led by Baird Capital, with participation from existing investors Venrock, Foundry Group, and Next Frontier Capital.

We started Quiq for a simple reason: The huge gap between the way consumers were forced to communicate with their favorite brands and how they preferred to communicate with family and friends. Phone calls are disruptive and time consuming. Email is slow and impersonal. Sending a text is how people get stuff done with family and friends. Quiq was founded to make it just that easy to communicate with businesses, too.

Over the past year we’ve made huge strides towards accomplishing that vision. Our business has doubled as we’ve broadened our solution to handle conversations occurring between brands and consumers across the entire customer lifecycle—from pre-purchase to post-sale, both with human agents and Conversational AI.

Customers don’t want to make purchases or interact with customer service like they did even a year ago. Phone and email volumes continue to decline, replaced by mobile messaging. In the new digital marketplace, brands are engaging shoppers in conversation to help find the right product and then completing the purchase within the same conversation. Later, when a customer needs support, brands are available 24/7 with conversational AI that achieves high customer satisfaction scores.

Our customers include more than 200 leading enterprise brands across many industries and around the globe. From retail/e-commerce and consumer services to consumer finance, and travel/hospitality, we continue to uncover high-value use cases across new industries every week.

Since the beginning our course was clear, to build the next generation of B2C communications. Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform enables brands to engage customers on the most popular messaging channels with bots and human agents. With the additional capital we will grow our organization to meet the increasing demand for digital messaging and we’ll continue to invest to maintain our technology leadership. And it guarantees to our customers that we’ll be here to support them for the long term.

A special shoutout to all of our customers, whose success drives Quiq’s success. And thanks to all of the Quiq team for your exceptional work and tireless drive. Building a great company is never easy, but I am confident we are on the right track.

Sound exciting? We’re hiring across many open roles. Over the past year, our team has nearly doubled, all geographically distributed while remaining connected to our company values. Come join us!

If this news has sparked your imagination about what you can build with Quiq, please get in touch. We’d love to talk with you about how Quiq can accelerate your business and drive a better customer experience.

– Mike Myer, CEO and Founder

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We’d love to talk with you about how Quiq can accelerate your business and drive a better customer experience.