The Guide to Writing Effective Business Text Messages

Guide to writing effective business text messages

While using SMS messaging to communicate with customers can be an effective business strategy, its success is dependent on the business’s knowledge and skills. Digital customer support is complex, so it’s important to develop a strong communication plan that will keep every consumer coming back. Knowing how to write an effective customer service text message is the key to succeeding in today’s competitive market.

Tips for Writing Effective Customer Service Text Messages

Texting is an informal type of communication that people engage on with their families and friends every day. It’s much more efficient and convenient than making a phone call or meeting in an office. Customers today expect immediate, personalized service without having to put in additional effort. Text messaging achieves these results by putting companies right into the pockets of those customers. That’s why it’s so critical to have a solid strategy in place before integrating this technology.

1. Develop a Prioritization System

The first step in sending effective customer service messages is to develop a prioritization system. This step plays a major role in organizing the process and improving customer service efficiency. As questions arise, it can help prioritize them based on urgency and order of importance. This helps ensure that troubleshooting questions and general issues are addressed as quickly as possible. Less urgent questions may be able to wait a little longer if necessary.

2. Identify Their Problem or Question

One small miscommunication could derail the conversation and drive away the customer. Identifying the issue is essential to finding a suitable solution. If someone has a complex or confusing question, it can help to break the question down into parts or ask for clarification. By understanding what a consumer is asking, the service agent can find the root of the issue more quickly and start searching for the answer.

3. Be Clear With Your Answer

Communicating with consumers is all about being clear and concise. People come from all types of situations and educational backgrounds, so every customer support agent needs to know how to type a message that’s easy to understand and digest. A customer who is engaged in the conversation will be more likely to seek help again.

Instead of texting long, detailed messages, it’s best to simplify replies into one or two sentences that contain the necessary information. This helps drive more productive conversations, and it leaves more consumers satisfied at the end of the day.

4. Follow Up With Customers

When a customer has an issue or question, they want to know that their retailer or representative cares about them. One effective way to show this is by following up after addressing the issue.

Is the consumer satisfied? Do they have any more questions? Do they have any constructive feedback to offer? By asking what they can do to make the customer experience better, customer support agents show that they’re willing to listen and adapt as needed. This can go a long way toward building strong professional relationships.

Learn More About Writing Effective Business Text Messages

Asynchronous messaging does wonders for retailers and eCommerce leaders in all markets. Follow these tips, and you’ll reach new standards of customer service excellence. To learn more about our Conversational Customer Engagement Platform or how to write effective business text messages, contact Quiq today.

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