Live Webinar

How CX Leaders Can Go Beyond the Hype and Start Driving Real Value with GenAI

Date: July 25, 2024 (9AM PST / 10AM MST / 12PM EST)
Location: Online

As a CX leader, it can feel like everyone in your organization is excited about the possibilities of GenAI except you. Sure, ChatGPT is cool and all, but you’re the one who’s responsible for creating meaningful, positive customer experiences that safeguard your brand’s reputation and bottom line — often with minimal resources. 

But what if integrating GenAI into your CX strategy was easier, faster, less expensive, and far more beneficial than you ever thought possible? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the specific steps that CX leaders like you are taking to rise above the GenAI hype, conquer their biggest uncertainties, and drive real, tangible business value with AI Assistants.


Max Fortis
Product Manager
Nora Radtke
Customer Success Manager
Natalie Vargas-Nedvetsky
Conversational Designer

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Attendees will come away with:

  • Quick and easy tips to ensure their data is ready and usable for GenAI
  • Insight into the types of hallucinations and exactly how to prevent them
  • Strategies to partner with technical teams to get the GenAI tools you need

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