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Demystifying AI in the Contact Center for Quiq Customers

Date: May 2, 2024 (9AM PST / 10AM MST / 12PM EST)

We believe AI is going to be at the center of CX as time goes on, and the early signs clearly show that AI makes a huge difference in the business outcomes that executives like you care about.

Companies like LOOP, Molekule, and Bob’s Discount Furniture are seeing between a 35% to 60% reduction in customer support cases. This is resolution beyond what they were already getting from their existing Gen 1 NLU bots.

Customers like Rixos, Bob’s, and a top-tier jewelry customer of ours are seeing a 2x increase in click-outs leading to increased sales. All our customers using LLM technology are realizing between 20-30% increase in CSAT.

As your trusted partner, we are putting together a Masterclass focused on helping you understand Generative AI and LLM technologies – and how they are different from the “legacy AI” of the past. And we’re going to do it using real results from your peers to guide the conversation.


Michael Hartsog
Michael Hartsog
VP of Customer Growth and Alliances

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Masterclass highlights:

  • What is LLM-powered AI?
  • How is it being utilized today for both agent and customer-facing experiences?
  • A deep dive into results: How existing Quiq customers are achieving the CX results they are – and how you can do the same
  • How we believe AI will impact Customer Experience in the next two years 
  • Your complimentary AI for CX assessment