TechStyleOS integrates Facebook Messenger
to help customers “Skip the Month”.


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TechStyleOS wanted to be able to communicate with customers in their preferred communications channel, including on Facebook Messenger.


  • Migrated 96% of users to Messenger instead of requesting to speak to a service provider.
  • Boosted flow completion rate to 68%.
  • Increased engagement with membership-based services.
Tech Style Trends

Meeting customer needs is always on-trend.

In a digital world where customer choice reins supreme, how shoppers communicate with companies is almost as important as their brand loyalty.

TechStyle’s subscription-based fashion brand incubator kept growing due to the company’s understanding that monthly customers don’t just want myriad choices and options—they expect it.

One of the biggest requests from membership customers is to “skip a month” of deliveries or services. Typically, customers would do this in three ways: via email to customer care teams, over the phone, or from a mobile app.

Tech Style Bot Messaging

But exceeding expectations is what makes brands iconic.

To enable even greater consumer choice, TechStyle worked with Quiq to refresh its customer communications options, starting with the implementation of a “Skip the Month” option right in Messenger for Business.

TechStyle has since stayed on trend by providing its clients with a wide array of ways customers can reach out with questions and requests.

In fact, the average of 7.1 sessions per “Skip the Month” user indicates that customers are very happy using Messenger to engage with their membership-based services.


The Quiq gist: Empowered customers.

Quiq enabled TechStyle to:

  • Reach a 68% flow completion rate with Facebook Messenger for Business.
  • Achieve an impressive 86% self-service rate for customers on Facebook Messenger.
  • Score 95% CSAT score for the service.
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“In our partnership with Quiq we sought to provide solutions for our team so they wouldn’t feel that churn and burn during peak hours. We wanted to enable them to provide the attention each member deserves. Leveraging our automated experiences to contain as much as possible and deliver solutions quickly and on our members’ channel of choice, is paramount to convenient and effective experiences.”
Becca de Schepper
Sr. Manager of Digital Services, TechStyleOS

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