[White Paper] Building a Digital Engagement Strategy for Customer Service

digital engagement strategy

Digital Engagement Strategy

A customer’s level of engagement with your company is like a pulse. It’s a signal that your relationship with that customer is alive. As long as they’re talking to you, you can make things right or deepen the already positive relationship. If you’re struggling with building a digital engagement strategy within your company, Quiq can help,

In our new white paper “Building A Digital Engagement Strategy for Customer Service” we discuss:

  • Top strategic moves to define your digital customer engagement strategy
  • Best practices for implementing digital customer engagement
  • How to enhance your digital engagement without disrupting operations

It is imperative to recognize the gap that exists between traditional customer service and a digital customer engagement. As stated above, customer activities are the same (shopping, comparing, purchasing, seeking support) but usage and expectations are vastly different.  Consumers no longer walk into a store to browse and talk to a sales person everytime they want to purchase something. They no longer have the time or inclination to pick up the phone or email to place an order or ask a question. The traditional channels are being eaten up by the digital channels. Phone calls and emails are being eaten up by the more convenient SMS/text messaging and web chat channels.

Some companies will use the fact that the activities are the same as an excuse not to implement more innovative means to enhance their digital engagement, or do just enough to keep up with the closest competitor. Those are the companies that will not succeed in the long-run.

Download our white paper “Building a Digital Engagement Strategy for Customer Service” to learn how to drive your digital customer service transformation. We’ve brought our latest content to support you on your journey.

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