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Text messaging works because everyone is already doing it.

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64 %
of customers prefer texting to talking on the phone
98 %
open rates for outbound notifications
14 ppt
score higher than phone channel

Save costs by offloading calls with text messaging

A text message is worth a thousand phone calls.*


We did the math

Phone calls are expensive, often ranging from $3 – $5 per conversation. Compare that to text messaging that ranges from $0.65 – $1 per conversation. It’s even cheaper for outbound messaging.

Also, when customers can send images with texting, then it truly is, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Agents are 7x more efficient

When you consider an agent is able to manage 6 – 8 messaging conversations per one phone call, your agents practically become super human.

Not to mention, with bots, common issues and frequently asked questions can be deferred to a bot for self service. Save those most important customer inquiries for human agents.

Satisfaction simplified

Not only is it easier to collect feedback about customer satisfaction, it is proven that customer satisfaction scores over messaging are 8-14ppt higher than other channels.

It’s easy to see why customers love text messaging. They get the answers they are looking for fast and fitted to their busy lives.


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