Quiq Compose

Improve agent quality, efficiency & retention with Quiq’s contact center AI.

Quiq Compose helps agents compose
customer responses 27% faster.

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency while maintaining, and even improving, conversation quality. Using AI, Quiq Compose helps agents provide better answers to customers and be more efficient. How? By learning how agents responded to similar conversations in the past and then using that knowledge to suggest responses.

How Quiq Compose works.

Improved response time.

Compose helps agents respond to customer inquiries faster by providing instant access to relevant information, suggesting responses based on previous interaction. This reduces the time it takes to resolve customer issues, boosting overall team efficiency.

Enhanced accuracy.

Compose helps agents provide more accurate responses to customer inquiries by analyzing large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends to pinpoint the best response the agent should send to a customer. This reduces the likelihood of an inexperience agent providing the wrong advice, reduces escalations and improves the overall efficiency of your contact center.

Metrics you’ll move with Compose:

  • Lower agent handle time for
    greater productivity.

  • Reduction in ramp time for new

  • Improved agent satisfaction and retention.

  • Increased CSAT from customers
    who get faster, more accurate,
    and consistent responses.

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Increased productivity.

By automating responses and leverage the combined knowledge of other agents handling similar conversations, Compose can help agents handle more inquiries in a given time frame, increasing their productivity.

Reduced agent burnout.

Compose can help reduce the workload for agents by taking care of repetitive tasks and providing support with more complex issues. This can help minimize agent burnout and improve their overall job satisfaction.

Quiq Compose also...

  • Learns to speak your brand’s language.

    Customers expect a consistent and personalized experience when interacting with a brand. Because Quiq Compose is trained to speak in your brand’s language, the AI uses the same tone, terminology, and style as your top human agents, providing a seamless and consistent customer experience.

  • Uses CRM data to improve conversation quality.

    Quiq Compose doesn’t just pay attention to the conversation transcript; it also pays attention to your CRM’s record of the customer, the current date, time, and more. This makes Quiq Compose suggestions even more relevant and personalized to each customer.

  • Supports multiple models per tenant.

    Quiq supports multiple compose models if you have different storefronts or brands. Quiq Compose can provide tailored and customized responses specific to each brand’s needs and requirements. This can improve the customer experience and make AI technology more effective and valuable for your organization.

How else Quiq Compose beats competition.

Compose is native to the Quiq platform. It’s already learning from your previous conversations, and can be turned on or off at any moment.

No complex and expensive integrations.
Other AI toolkits are bolted onto existing systems, creating complex integrations and expensive implementations. Compose is one piece of Quiq’s end-to-end platform—so it can be implemented without a huge data integration project.

Works on all messaging channels.
Most agent assistance software only works for phone or web chat. Quiq Compose works across all the channels we support.

How is Quiq Compose different from ChatGPT
and other large language models?

Compose is a productivity tool that provides message suggestions and auto-completions to customer service agents. It is unique in that each of our clients has a model trained specifically on their own dataset, mitigating many of the limitations of larger, general-purpose models. ChatGPT and other generative language models are trained on massive amounts of public data. When the data is wrong or biased, so too is the output. Plus, these models do not have access to your proprietary business information, which is where Quiq Compose shines.

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