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Business disruption eased with business messaging

Watch this Quiq video to see how easy it is offload calls, handle multiple conversations, and reduce customer inquiries with messaging and bots.

Your Customers Are Connected

Your business should be too. Quiq Messaging makes your business available at your customer’s moment of need. Let them contact you how and when they want. That’s business text messaging.

Consumers Lead
Digital-First Lifestyles​​​​​

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Quiq Digitally Transforms Businesses

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Whether it’s increasing your purchase conversion rate or reducing the cost of serving customers, the value of business text messaging is indisputable.

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Customer satisfaction scores are higher for business text messaging than any other communication channel.

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Customers love to message and so will your employees. Employees who use Quiq to help customers over business SMS have higher job satisfaction.

Be Where Your
Customers Are

Innovating Quiq-ly

These organizations are realizing higher conversion rates, improved efficiency, and stunning increases in customer satisfaction with business messaging solutions.

In a short 5 months with Quiq, we converted 10% of phone calls to messaging, and we are on track to move 20% of our inbound calls to messaging.

– Director of Customer Experience

The Quiq Conversational Engagement Platform

Marketers, customer service leaders, and bot developers rely on Quiq to orchestrate their customer interactions.
Enterprise grade business messaging + Bots + Open APIs = The best platform for customer conversations.

Quiq conversational engagement platform overview
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Quiq Conversation Engagement Features

Your Business Messaging Solution

Your Business Messaging Solution

Quiq lets you speak the language of your customers — through whatever channel they prefer. Rich messages on live chat, emojis on Twitter, and even video in text messages help you engage with your customers on a whole new level.

Make Sure You’re Connecting

Make Sure You’re Connecting

Unlike email, business SMS has a near-perfect read rate. That means that when you send an outbound message, alert, or notification, you can be confident that customers are seeing it. With Quiq Messaging, you can easily send one or a million texts with just a click of a button.

Get Rich

Get Rich

Mobile messaging isn’t limited only to words. Quiq’s rich messaging allows you to share dynamic and interactive content such as cards, images, and gifs. You can even process secure transactions, easily set up appointments, and use iOS Augmented Reality within messaging.

Intelligence — Every Step of the Way

Intelligence — Every Step of the Way

From initial welcome messages to customer follow-up surveys, Quiq can seamlessly integrate chatbots to assist consumers and drive conversions at every step of the customer journey. Using conversational language, chatbots can offer support at any point within conversations and do that 24/7.

Get Honest Feedback

Get Honest Feedback

Quiq’s business messaging solutions allows honest feedback from customers in a way that is more personable than a web form or phone survey. You can even ask follow-up questions to clarify the feedback your customers are providing.

Customer-Centric Engagement

Customer-Centric Engagement

Whether customers prefer to engage using SMS text messaging, live chat, Facebook Messenger, or any of the other popular channels we support, Quiq delivers a consistent experience.

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