Verified SMS

Deliver trusted SMS
messages with Google
Verified SMS.

Deliver trusted SMS messages with Google Verified SMS

Send texts verified by Google that clearly show your company name and logo.

Your customers want to interact with your business over text. But with no way to tell who is behind the sender’s phone number, many customers hesitate to engage. That’s where Google Verified SMS comes in. Google verifies businesses in Android Messages to improve the customer experience and make business SMS more secure.

What is Google Verified SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. Verified SMS displays your business name, logo, and Google verification badge in your business messages. When brands send an SMS message with Quiq, customers have assurance that the message came from them.

Regular SMS vs Verified SMS

Why should you have a Verified SMS?

  • Trusted


    Digital customers want to know who they’re interacting with. With Verified SMS, customers get a third-party verification from Google—giving them confidence that you are who you say you are.

  • Secure


    Consumers are cautious of spam messages and phishing attempts infiltrating their everyday digital communications. Verified SMS is encrypted to help verify the identity of the business sending the message.

  • Branded


    Verified business SMS differentiates brands in text messages with the business name, logo, and verification badge highlighted at the top of the Messages window. With a glance, customers can see the message is from your brand.

Verified SMS features and benefits
for business messaging.

Verified SMS features and benefits for business messaging.

Get started with Google Verified SMS today.

How to get Verified SMS.

Verified SMS is available from Quiq and works on Android devices running the latest Messages app on all mobile providers. Before your business can send messages with Verified SMS, an agent is created to control how conversations with your customers will appear. A partner, like Quiq, manages these agents.

How to get Verified SMS

Why partner with Quiq?

Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform gives your team a single hub to manage all your customer communications. Quiq can be deployed as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM. We’ll work with you to integrate Verified SMS into your customer communications and help you build a messaging strategy that operates smoothly for employees, delights customers, and drives business results for you.

Why partner with Quiq?

Quiq makes it easy to get started with Verified SMS. Be up and running in 24 hours!