Verified SMS

Deliver trusted SMS over business messages with Google Verified SMS

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Verified SMS for Business

Google enables businesses to be verified in Android Messages with new features to improve the customer experience and make business SMS more secure.

Why Verified SMS?


Businesses increasingly need to show consumers they can be trusted. In this digital age, with more messages being sent every day, businesses must stand out and give customers greater confidence they are who they say they are.


Consumers are becoming increasingly wary of spam messages and phishing attempts infiltrating into their everyday digital communications. Verified SMS is delivered through encryption to help them verify the true identity of the business sending them messages.


Verified business SMS is designed to differentiate brands in text messages with the business name, logo, and verification badge highlighted at the top of the Messages window. Customers can easily see the text message from your business is trustworthy and that it has been verified by Google.

Verified SMS features and benefits for business messaging

Display business name, logo, and a verification badge at the top of the messaging thread
Send sensitive information and website links securely
Build trust with customers over text messaging/SMS
Differentiate your brand and avoid having your messages come up under Spam Protection

Top Brands Are Using Verified SMS   


SMS verification service for more secure business text messaging

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How to get Verified SMS

Before your business can send messages with Verified SMS, an agent is created to control how conversations with your customers will appear. These agents are managed by a partner, like Quiq.

Quiq makes it easy to enable your business with Verified SMS so you can have secure and reliable conversations with customers over messaging. Contact us now to get started.

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