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Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager

The CSM will be the single point of contact and voice of assigned customers, responsible for managing the customer relationship throughout the product life cycle and after the Quiq services have been placed in to commercial operation.

What Success Looks Like in the Role:

You will know you are doing an extraordinary job when your customers renew and expand their usage of Quiq. You have excellent organizational skills to juggle multiple priorities and are a strong communicator who empathizes with the audience. You are resourceful when facing challenges, and refuse to give up until our customers succeed.

Job Summary

  • Manage assigned customer accounts, focusing on customer satisfaction and correct usage and expansion of the Quiq services
  • Provide advice on products, connecting to the right people within Quiq at the right time.
  • Provide customers a channel to give feedback on what’s important to their business
  • Educate customers, identifying training needs, and connecting them with available tools, resources, and communities
  • Train customers on self-service tools, empowering customers to help themselves
  • Enabling customers to become more proficient through onboarding sessions, and sharing tools, processes, and best practices
  • Provide technical advice on Quiq’s cloud services
  • Define a strategy, KPIs, and success criteria to ensure the Quiq implementation is aligned to our customer’s business objectives, maximizing customer investment.
  • Understand current client usage and establish predictive capacity and trending, planning for future business initiatives or events
  • Access the maturity of deployed features and functionality and make recommendations for improvements and efficiencies
  • Create a near- and long-term account success plan, maximizing product utilization and adoption while delivering business objectives
  • Provide a deeper understanding of Quiq roadmap, understanding how it can help business move forward
  • Review newly released features and identify opportunities to leverage them based on success plan and business objectives

A Day in the Life:

  • Build relationships across an organization and convert users into Quiq champions
  • Manage a portfolio of 10-15 of the most critical customer accounts
  • Understand customers’ business challenges and industry trends and consult on how Quiq can help them achieve their objectives
  • Establish success plans that clarify customer goals, consult with them on how to execute, and enable them to measure their progress
  • Implement standard methodologies in market research across a variety of use cases and industry verticals
  • Prepare content that educates users on how to fully utilize the platform
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to improve overall customer experience leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty among our clients
  • Advocate for the needs of customers to leaders in different departments
  • Raise critical customer concerns internally and mobilize resources to resolve issues
  • Develop cross-functional initiatives that will improve the overall customer experience and lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty among our customers
  • Monitor customer health metrics and conduct regular business reviews
  • Motivate your clients to carry their love of Quiq to other organizations
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