Google’s Business Messages

When customers are searching, Business Messages is front and center.


Messaging Channel

Google’s Business Messages makes it easier for customers to get in touch with you, literally at their fingertips, from mobile entry points like Google Maps and Search.

Why Google’s Business Messages matters?


It’s not just any messaging channel

Your customers use a variety of devices and for Android users, delivering a mobile experience with native messaging will uniquely differentiate your business.

Make customer engagement easy by letting customers message you directly.

It’s about the customer experience

Facilitate more engaging customer interactions to keep customers coming back to your business. Business Messages delivers features like carousels, quick reply chips, and photos to give the customer a rich messaging experience.

It’s true, messaging improves customer satisfaction. has created a superior customer experience, personalizing interactions with customers and engaging them at their convenience.

— Jimmy Budnik, VP of Customer Care

Convert phone calls to messaging

When customers are presented with the option to message instead of call, they will. Messaging is a much more convenient and easier way of engaging with a business. Not only that, but your agents can handle up to 5-7 conversations at a time compared to just 1 phone call.

Asynchronous customer service

Business messaging empowers your customers to get assistance, at their convenience, on their schedule. Quiq’s messaging platform brings all messaging conversations into one place and enables agents to handle multiple customers with rich messaging, at the same time.


What is Google’s Business Messages?


Google Search

Customers have questions and they want to talk to you. From all the places they can find your business while searching on Google, messaging provides answers fast. Be ready to help in all the places your customers already are.

Top Brands Are Using Google’s Business Messages

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How to get Google’s Business Messages?

To get started, businesses need to work with an approved partner, like Quiq, to launch their brand and respond to messages.

Quiq makes it easy and will help you every step of the way to drive business results and delight customers with a conversational messaging experience. Contact us now to get started.

Be where your customers are. Business Messages opens the door.