How Call Centers are Becoming “Text Centers:” Text Messaging for Customer Service

Internet and mobile technology have fundamentally changed how business is done. With more people working from home and consumers spending increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices, businesses are having to adjust to meet technological advancements and new consumer preferences. There was a time when call centers only handled phone calls from customers. As customers have become increasingly digital, companies must find more efficient and effective ways to communicate with their customers.

Is Live Web Chat Effective?

Live web chat is a popular form of communication for service and sales because both brands and consumers are comfortable using it. Live web chat enables communication that is easy and convenient, unlike phone calls and emails. The benefits of online customer service for both businesses and consumers are plenty and its effectiveness can be seen in falling costs and rising customer satisfaction.

Top 6 Digital Customer Service Messaging Channels in 2020

The number of unique business communication channels has grown significantly and continues to expand (what seems like every day). We’ve listed the 6 most common ways customers prefer to message with businesses.

Protecting Your Brand During A Crisis

Quiq recently sponsored a report by Digital Commerce 360. “Coronavirus: Ecommerce Crisis Management for Today and Tomorrow”. The 100+ page report presents data, insights, and usable best practices that all B2C and B2B companies can use now and going forward. This post, and the report we encourage you to download, is meant to inspire you to take action now. Help your company thrive in the long-term by deploying technology that will save you time and money, now and in the future.

Improve Remote Contact Center Efficiency Using AI and Messaging

Are you struggling to keep up with the huge spikes in phone calls during this time of uncertainty? The spike, coupled with call centers being closed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and moving to a work-from-home model, has caused a whiplash reaction. Make your agents 7X more efficient and eliminate phone calls with bots.

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