How to Build Efficient Remote Contact Centers Amid COVID-19

Are you struggling to keep up with the huge spikes in phone calls during this time of uncertainty? The spike, coupled with call centers being closed to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and moving to a work-from-home model, has caused a whiplash reaction. Make your agents 7X more efficient and eliminate phone calls with bots.

How Stio Geared Up For Growth

Stio is a mountain lifestyle brand, headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When leadership realized that it had to scale its digital customer experience to keep up with that growth. The company looked for technology that was just as adaptable and functional as their gear, turning to Quiq’s messaging, web chat, and bot platform for support.

How Higher Ed Can Manage Coronavirus Communications

Many institutions are experiencing a flood of phone calls as parents and students seek information about campus operations, as well as COVID-19 updates. In this article, we’ll show you how digital technology helps higher education by taking the burden off of their switchboard and provides the real-time information that emails and website updates can’t.

How State and Local Government can Manage COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Communications

Managing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) communications continues to be a challenge for state and local governments that can't staff fast enough to keep up with calls. Here's how they are solving the problem with mobile technology.

Retailers Are Leaving Money On The…Tablet and Smartphone

In this post we clearly define what is digital customer and what is traditional customer service. We'll give you concrete examples of who is doing it rightLet’s take a brief look at the history of mobile shopping for insight into why this game of catch-up is afoot. Then, we’ll examine the mobile retail trends happening today which are shaping the future of retailer’s mobile shopping strategy.

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