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Reduce Calls Immediately

Messaging and chatbots will handle the increase in customer inquiries, while deploying a remote workforce. Quiq’s messaging platform redirects phone calls to messaging so that you can serve more customers with fewer agents.

  • Offload expensive customer calls to messaging. See how easy it is to convert calls-to-text
  • Enable agents to be fully productive from home
  • With messaging your staff will have super powers, capable of doing the work of 5 phone agents

Put Bots to Work

Flexing to handle increased volume during a crisis can make all the difference between getting ahead of a situation and the situation getting ahead of you.

  • Deflect customer inquiries with bots
  • Let bots assist agents, able to jump in at any time in the conversation
  • Bots never take a break, nights or weekends

Deploy a bot to give customers all the information they need, yet escalate to a human if necessary. Bots can also lend a hand to agents by handling repetitive questions.

Covid-19 Chatbot

See a chatbot in action.

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This sample bot can be easily customized to include information that is specific to your situation. Make updates to the bot in real-time without requiring technical resources. Deploy the same bot on multiple channels – web chat, text messaging, and social.

Chatbot Video Demonstration

Watch this short video to see how Quiq is helping businesses easily offload and handle increased volume from customers.

How a chatbot would look on your website.

The City of Knoxville now has the ability to share information directly from the Knox County Health Department.

Covid-19 Chatbot Knoxville Website

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