5 Surprising Ways Messaging Can Change Your Business

Surprising ways text messaging can change your business

There is a vast repository of statistics out there that support the increasing popularity of text messaging for business. You may be convinced that your customers want to text you, but still unsure if messaging can really change your business for the better. Let’s stop the hand wringing and sweaty palms about text messaging and really talk about what’s in it for you.

Your customers already use messaging everyday, and we mean Every. Single. Day. to message everyone and anyone that they want to communicate with. With 94% of Americans owning a mobile device and 86% of them using them to send 23 billion messages daily, it’s no wonder that companies are employing this channel to engage with their prospects and customers. In the study, “Customer Preference for Messaging”, research shows that 71% of consumers find text messaging to be an extremely or very effective C2B communications channel.

All signs point to your customers preference to send and receive text messages from businesses. Here are five reasons your business should enthusiastically embrace text messaging:

“Calling in to customer service is the best. I love being placed on hold and explaining the same thing over and over again.”
~No One, Ever

1. Make customer service appealing again

You generally won’t find a lot of people waxing poetic about their Customer Service experience. Mostly because people who are dissatisfied with your product or service won’t bother to tell you. In fact, 96% of unhappy customers don’t even complain, they just leave and 91% won’t ever come back.

Those are startling statistics. We all read the stories about terrible customer experiences with brands and hope it won’t be our company that is spotlighted next. What we all want is to be recognized for the hard work and effort our customer service teams put forth. Not only that, we want people not to dread reaching out for help. Think about it. Would you want to call or email a company for help? Or, would you rather shoot them off a text message and get on with your life while you are simultaneously getting help?

You want to hear from your customers so that you can help them, so you can answer their questions, so you can make whatever went wrong, right again. Make it easy and convenient for them to contact you. Text messaging provides that channel and creates a better experience for customers. In fact, text messaging interactions have at least a 5-7% point higher customer satisfaction score than any other channel. That is certainly more appealing than the alternatives.

2. Get customers to actually take advantage of offers

statistics show text messaging for business is on the rise
Increasing number of smartphone users are redeeming offers on their phone. Source: Koupon

People generally don’t get tired of saving money, but coupons in newspaper inserts or mail-In rebates can be too cumbersome for customers to take advantage of. If you have an offer that could get a customer to try your service for the first time or to come back for repeat business, then use outbound messaging to grab their attention.

Research shows that 55% of smartphone shoppers used a mobile coupon on their phone (Nielsen) and that statistic is bound to climb with the proliferation of mobile devices. Check out these other stats: When you compare that to the 20% open rate for emails and 6% response rate, the choice becomes clear. It makes sense to use messaging as the method to get relevant offers in front of your customers.

Consumers trust that the messages they have opted-in to receive from brands are valuable to them. Send a 1-to-1 personalized outbound text to a customer or send the same offer to all your customers. Chances are high that they will take advantage of that offer or promotion and your top and bottom lines will benefit.

3. Be able to handle more inbound inquiries, while actually saving time and money

Productivity increases and costs decrease with text messaging for business

While you want to hear from your customers, you also want to alleviate some of the burden on your call center by reducing the time it takes to answer frequently asked questions. Phone calls can cost $3-4/call to upwards of $12/call. Once a call comes in, the meter starts running, whether an agent helps a customer work through a password reset, check order status, or troubleshoot a more complex problem.

Customers know when they have a fairly easy or straightforward question. The vast majority of those customers do not want to pick up the phone to call for help when their issue isn’t very complex. They would actually prefer to use messaging to get help with order and shipping status, password resets, and other simple questions. Messaging allows customers to get the answers, while getting on with their busy day, without having to be tied to the phone.

With a phone call, agents can only help one person at a time, making it a “synchronous” channel. With messaging, agents can handle multiple, simultaneous conversations with ease, which makes it an “asynchronous” channel. Companies have found that their messaging work time is 25% less than the next closest channel. Not only do customers prefer to reach out to your company this way, it will save your contact center money by shifting 1-to-1 phone calls and emails to the 1-to-many messaging channel, where agents can handle more questions, faster.

4. Set yourself apart from your competition

Customers have a lot of choices and just meeting their expectations just isn’t enough to get a great review. When you anticipate your customer’s needs, help them avoid frustration and go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience, you provide them with something that will stand out from the status quo. Quiq clients are adding text messaging to their mix to wow their customers with proactive, time-sensitive communications.

These innovative companies are not only thinking long term and making sure they keep customers coming back but are also getting the benefit of immediate word of mouth. A satisfied customer will tell at least three friends and with social media that number grows exponentially.

Text messaging invites your customers to engage with you by putting them in control of the conversation. Customers are able to text you at the pace and place that works best for them. Let’s face it, no one is going to hate the idea of more convenience and control.

5. Generate immediate ROI from Facebook ads

Your Facebook ads are working hard to drive traffic to your site, but if your customer wants to speak with you immediately, there could be multiple clicks before they even find how to contact you, let alone find the time to email or call you. You can minimize that delay by allowing customers to click-to-message directly from your Facebook ads.

The faster you can help customers take action on their purchase desires and find the item they are looking for on your website, the faster you’ll win that customer over. Quiq Messaging makes it easy to integrate messaging within your Facebook ads. With Quiq Messaging, it’s now even easier to encourage your customers to contact you directly from an ad, when they are most excited about your product or service.

Facebook Messenger on laptop and on mobile gives your customers more ways to reach you

Maybe you’re fine with the status quo, chugging along with the tools you have. We’re seeing innovative companies take their business to the next level with the experience they deliver to customers. If you’re looking to propel your business into the inevitable future then messaging is the next frontier. See our demo page or text us at 646-887-8398 to schedule a demo.

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