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Tailored Brands prides itself as a brand that provides a personal, convenient, one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When the company wanted to complement its compelling products, it added the text messaging channel to augment its already world-class service.

Q: What caused you to consider deploying a messaging solution for your brands?

A:  As we look at how people communicate in general, the dominant channel is far and away text messaging. We all text before we call or email each other. So, we wanted to see if that would translate to consumers texting us, a business. We did not decide to add text messaging for call deflection, as we are focused on allowing our customers to communicate with us any way they want.

As Tailored Brands started to look at how people communicate, they noticed a desire within their target market to use text messaging versus the more traditional methods of phone and email. Tailored Brands brought on Quiq Messaging to support its two largest brands: Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Banks. Now these retailers are able to quickly respond to customer inquiries about online orders, products, promotions, and tuxedo rentals – all via messaging, the customer’s preferred way to communicate.

“Retail is a highly competitive space, so we strive to set ourselves apart based on the service we provide our customers, whether online or in-store. Adding text messaging from Quiq has allowed us to differentiate even more.”

– Melissa Porter, VP Customer Relations, Tailored Brands

The most common way messaging is used at Tailored Brands is for inbound customer inquiries. Customers have quickly shifted their way of communicating from phone and email to text messaging for getting help choosing the right suit, placing an order, tracking a shipment, promotion questions, or setting in-store appointments.

Another way Tailored Brands has implemented messaging is to send outbound appointment notifications and reminders. This comes in handy when scheduling bridal parties or prom tuxedo rentals. Because Quiq Messaging allows customers to reply to an outbound text message, if there happens to be a conflict, the appointment can easily be adjusted in real-time.

Finally, Tailored Brands has integrated the option to text message them into their Cisco phone system. Presenting consumers with the option to text instead of wait on hold has been a popular option and is particularly helpful to the brands when call volumes are high.

Q: What channels did you support before adding messaging?

A: We supported phone calls and email. When we purchased Quiq, we were able to add support for SMS/text messaging, live chat, and Facebook Messenger.

The company has now extended support for Men’s Warehouse to 24/7 coverage, adding more convenience. When customers reach the after-hours message on the company’s IVR, they are given the option to text. Knowing the brands cater to a younger demographic, it’s not a surprise the company has seen more customers go straight to text first versus going to the IVR to initiate a text conversation.

Customers and Agents Love Messaging

The company has seen call deflection as a bonus, but one of the real benefits has been the way employees can now communicate with customers. Prior to messaging, responses through email were formal and felt too structured. Now, employees are able to engage with customers on a more genuine, personal level with text messaging.

“Since most of our employees are Millennials, it freed them up to have the kind of conversations with customers that we’ve been wanting them to have.”

– Melissa Porter, VP Customer Relations, Tailored Brands

Messaging Helps Manage Growth

Quiq’s Messaging platform was a timely addition as the Tailored Brands has recently seen a notable increase in business, both instore and online. During busy times when phone volume increases, the company is happy to see customers shift from their most expensive channel, the phone, to text messaging.


  • Phone calls 3x more expensive than texting
  • Agents average 5 text conversations at a time and upwards of 8 when busy
  • Over 175% increase in text messages received for each brand

Their customer service agents love the messaging channel. They are able to respond to customers quickly, typically in less than two minutes via messaging. Many conversations are pretty straightforward, like order and shipping information, and can be resolved in three to four exchanges. The company also sees a fair amount of more complex inquiries coming in over messaging, such as brides texting in to change the vest color for her wedding party.

Easy Implementation & Seamless Integration

Originally supporting phone and emails within Salesforce.com, Tailored Brands chose to integrate Quiq into Salesforce Service Cloud right from the start. This ensures agents use only one desktop interface to resolve inquiries, regardless of channel. With the Quiq Messaging platform, agents can view a complete history of all messaging conversations with each customer to more efficiently answer new questions.

“The Quiq implementation into the Salesforce.com desktop was the easiest I’ve ever done. The Quiq interface is super intuitive and provided the features that we couldn’t get from Salesforce LiveMessage.”

– Melissa Porter, VP Customer Relations, Tailored Brands

Quiq Messaging offers the sophisticated capabilities required to deliver a great experience to Tailored Brands’ customers. With the ability to automatically prioritize incoming and existing text and chat conversations for each agent, Quiq ensures agents respond to customers based on the cadence they are engaging with the brands. Not only that, but having the ability to queue and route, transfer and collaborate, and present real-time, dynamic management reporting made Quiq the best choice.

Tailored Brands has plans to expand text messaging for new use cases and new markets. The company plans to continue to expand its use of messaging to help brides and grooms set in-store appointments for custom and rental tuxedos. In addition, store employees have started texting into the contact center, so employee messaging is now under consideration. FInally, there is interest in expanding to support the French-Canadian market with messaging.With the holiday season always on the retail horizon, the ability to quickly train phone and email agents to support text messaging remains top of mind. The company plans to cross-train more contact center employees to give their workforce more flexibility during peak times.Whatever the next new initiative is for Tailored Brands, you can rest assured they will evaluate it through the lens of their ever-evolving customers. Continuing to set themselves apart and be recognized for their world-class service, Tailored Brands is raising the bar in their industry.

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