How To Use Digital Automation To Improve Customer Retention

How automation streamlines operations

CIO Magazine recently published an article featuring Quiq client Brinks Home Security. The article gives an up-close look at how this leading home security company implemented customer support automation to elevate its customer retention program. 

As part of the program, Brinks sends current customers customized offers. The program presents an offer to reduce the customer’s current rate in exchange for a contract extension. As an alternative, free product may be offered as the incentive instead of a rate reduction to extend a contract depending on where the customer is in the Brinks customer lifecycle. 

CIO Magazine - 4 tips for quick automation wins

There’s been so much interest in the topic since this article was published, we decided to give it a bit more attention. In this post you’ll get the details behind Brink’s customer retention marketing efforts and how automation took their outreach to the next level.

Reach More Customers Through Automation

Brinks has been aware of consumer’s preference for messaging since launching Brinks Home Security Text in January 2018 with Quiq. The strategic move put the “when” and “how” of communication back in their customer’s hands by allowing customers to receive support through text messaging instead of having to call in. When the company saw the number of conversations over the messaging channel grow by 329%, the Brinks team knew they were on to something.

Automated customer service reps can help your directly from your phone messaging app

When Quiq IQ launched in February of 2020, Brinks was one of the first to sign up. With Quiq IQ, a complete solution to build, manage, and optimize chatbots, Brinks quickly deployed bots within their company to deflect calls and assist human agents. It didn’t take long for the company to realize that bots were a way to reach more customers for their retention efforts.

In the words of Jason Chancellor, CIO, “…we were limited by our capacity to reach out to them manually. We have also recognized that our customers prefer to use digital channels to interact with us, making a digital solution attractive.”

Brinks decided to test their hypothesis by conducting a 9-week test to a segment of their customer population. Emails were sent that presented an offer to reduce the customer’s rate in exchange for a contract extension. Customers were given 3 choices to accept their custom offer:

  • Call in to accept
  • Go to an automated landing page
  • Allow the bot to fulfill the offer

Brinks was shocked to see customers overwhelmingly choose to accept the offer through the bot. Close to 80% of the test population choose to accept the offer via the bot versus calling in to talk to an agent or go to an automated landing page. The test proved that not only could the company reach more of their customers through bots, but that customers had a strong preference for that type of interaction.

Higher Customer Engagement Through Automation

Conversion rates were impressive. During the short testing period, more than 800 customers converted via the bot. While 401 customers converted in a completely automated fashion, with no human intervention, there were some customers that were transferred to a human agent and converted there.

The team realized that bots are often looked at as a way to completely deflect communication, but in this case, humans and bots working together created a better experience for some customers which lead to higher conversions.

Brinks used Quiq IQ to implement bots into their retention program for their entire customer base. The fully automated, intelligent bot engages customers in a natural conversation with the goal of completing a rate reduction and contract extension without the need to place a phone call or interact with an agent.  

Brinks Home Security mobile customer service

Brinks’ Secret To Successful Automation

One of the keys to Brinks’ success with automation was the use of a cross-functional working group designed to hypothesize, measure, and test ideas to solve complex business problems. The team was tasked to expand the retention program’s capacity and used the skill and experience from across the organization to quickly form options, hypothesize the value potential, and select the best options to test.  

Quiq’s bot designer makes it easy to test and iterate your design. Features such as drag and drop design, versioning, and the ability to clone existing bots has helped companies like Brinks quickly spin up functional prototypes, observe customer reactions, and then continue to refine the bot.

For a closer look at what Brinks has done with bots, check out Quiq’s webinar “Interweaving Bots With Human Interactions Results In Higher Customer engagement”. You can also read the full article featured in CIO magazine titled “4 tips for quick automation wins”. 

To implement digital automation in your organization, talk to one of Quiq’s conversation experts. Our team is here to help you through your digital transformation. Schedule some time so that we can learn more about your unique business needs.. 

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