How Consumer Brands Win Millennials Through Messaging

US Millennials, now numbering over 80 million people, are the largest generation in the nation’s history and wield incredible buying power. Messaging helps consumer brands connect to Millennials who are at the age where they are buying homes and making other large purchase decisions like cars, electronics, appliances, and furniture.

Millennials are in search of brands that echo their ease with technology and seamlessly fit into their mobile lifestyle. As much as 80% percent of this highly connected group has mobile phones, and 75% percent of them have social media profiles. Messaging helps consumer brands reach this new generation of buyers by helping them go beyond brick-and-mortar for convenience. In this post, we’ll look at ways consumer durable brands can influence Millennials via messaging.

Messaging Helps Millennials Share Their Story

While Millennials are far more eco-conscious than previous generations, they aren’t just buying organic avocados. Top brands, like Toshiba and HTC, are at the top of the favorite’s list for Millennials. Millennials reject traditional brands in favor of brands that are easy to research and allow them to share their opinions and shopping behaviors.consumer durable brands win millennials through texting

Millennials have grown up with an abundance of information and the ability to readily access that information. They expect to get answers quickly and are comfortable with web chat and texting as a means to get customer service. This group of consumers is looking for brands that help them share their opinions and buying experiences. Messaging, a natural way for this generation to communicate, is an easy way brands can open their communication door.

Our research shows that Millennials are the primary drivers of C2B mobile messaging adoption.  Not surprisingly, Millennials are using messaging more frequently in everyday life. Quiq enables messaging through SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and Kik – the most popular channels this generation looks to for support, reviews and to find information. We found that “twice as many Millennials prefer mobile messaging as a channel, with three quarters viewing it as extremely/very effective in achieving their objectives.” Most notably, 85% of Millennials would be willing to pay more for a product/service that is supported by mobile messaging.

Become a Part of Their Story Through Messaging

Millennials are well known for being skeptical of companies that simply blitz them with marketing material and tell them what to think and what to buy. What makes this generation different as compared to previous generations is their abundance of choices available to them at the swipe of a finger. They are less brand loyal than Boomers and Gen-X and won’t hesitate to leave a brand they have no connection with.

Consumer brands that wish to have a relationship with this group should consider messaging as a way to provide helpful and targeted information that goes beyond the common promo code or new product announcement. According to Adweek, one of the keys to marketing to this demographic will be to “Help them succeed with how-tos, lifehacks and any content experience that makes them feel smarter.”

For example, home supply stores like Home Depot or Lowes could send new homeowners in this generation messages that would remind them of helpful how-tos to winterize their home or create a stunning garden. Appliance manufacturers could send helpful information on the maintenance and upkeep of household appliances to help become a trusted source of information for this generation.

Move Into the Friend Zone

This generation is hardwired to their mobile phones and social networks, spending as much as 35 minutes per day just on Facebook. Quiq Messaging allows you to meet these consumers where they already are – on the web, social and their favorite messaging apps. No matter where they are, you can be there to answer questions or help them compare their choices – providing support directly through SMS, Facebook Messenger or your mobile site.

Quiq Messaging incorporates functionality such as “Click to Message” that allows visitors to initiate conversations from a company’s Facebook page, ads or app. Quiq clients have found that Millennials who are already on Facebook, appreciate the ability to initiate conversations directly with agents from a Facebook Ad call to action.

This generation is also more likely than previous generations to share information publicly. Peer-reviewed products have a strong influence on how this group buys. As you engage with Millennials on social, be sure to ask that they share purchases and experiences with their networks.

Above All, Be Human

Millennials want consumer brands that are authentic, transparent, and relevant to them. These consumers want to know that you’re human. What better way to connect on a human level than by communicating the way this age group communicates with family and friends.

Quiq Messaging is helping consumer durable companies connect and engage with Millennials in personal and meaningful ways, providing them the information they want, the way they want to receive it. Learn more about Quiq today at

About Quiq

Quiq makes it easy for customers to contact a business via Messaging, the preferred channel already in use with our friends and family.  With Quiq, customers can now engage with companies via SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, In-App,and Kik for help with their pre-sales and post-sales questions. Learn more about Quiq today at

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