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Modernizing Customer Experience with Order Management Automation

Learn why eCommerce brands must turn to automated, self-service solutions that successfully contain order-related inquiries while providing instantaneous order updates through the messaging and conversational channels that today’s customers prefer.

Three Ways Conversational AI Can Boost Your Customer Service During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, eCommerce brands are bracing for an unprecedented volume of online orders. With this influx of sales, however, brands can also expect a massive influx of unmanageable customer service inquiries.

6 Ways to Drive More eCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

To capitalize on this season’s unprecedented spike in online traffic and digital purchase behavior, top eCommerce brands are turning to automated shopping assistants that act as key revenue drivers and provide the sort of highly personalized assistance shoppers would traditionally receive from an in-store experience.

How to Leverage Direct Messages on Instagram to Engage and Convert Shoppers

We’ve outlined several key points throughout customers’ online shopping journey for eCommerce brands to incorporate highly-personalized and automated conversations — entirely within Instagram.

Successful Strategies for Google’s Business Messages: Customer Service, Marketing, & Omnichannel

For retail organizations, Google’s Business Messages feature presents a powerful new opportunity for various teams to forge 1:1 connections with consumers, at scale, through the world’s largest search engine. But which teams stand to gain the most, in both the short and long term, from this new messaging channel? To answer that question, we offer some of successful strategies and how different retail teams should use Google’s Business Messages.

Quiq achieves 100% 10DLC compliance

Quiq is proud to announce that all of our customers are now 10DLC compliant. Over the past several months, the Quiq team has worked with each of our clients to register their brands and campaigns to meet the October 1, 2021 Campaign Registry deadline.

Counterintuitive Commerce – Why Premium Support Experiences are the Future of eCommerce

Counterintuitive commerce is the practice of driving incremental revenue through initiatives and tactics traditionally associated with customer care and experience rather than sales and commerce. Read on to learn more.

8 Tips to Improve Customer Retention

Customer retention can be one of the hardest things for companies to do. There are many reasons why companies lose customers, but the fact remains that most companies aren't doing much to retain their customers. In this blog we will look at the importance of customer retention and why every company needs to start focusing on this important issue.