QUIQ ENERGY - A new generation of energy drinks

New and healthier alternative

QUIQ ENERGY is a new and healthier alternative to the existing energy drinks. With its fresh taste, QUIQ ENERGY is especially developed for those who need an extra energy supply but do not wish to fill their bodies with chemistry and additives. With its content of 33 cl, QUIQ ENERGY is among the largest of its class.

Fantastic taste

QUIQ ENERGY contains no less than 50% of natural fruit juice - including juice from pomegranate. This gives QUIQ ENERGY its quite own tempting and fresh taste which is hard to compare with anything else.

A healthy energy drink based on natures own exclusive raw materials

QUIQ ENERGY is a natural energy drink. Only natural raw materials without any artificial additives have been used for the production. The drink gets its attractive colour from carrot and blackcurrant and contains no further colouring agents.

Natural energy

The energy of QUIQ ENERGY comes partly from the fruit and partly from natural caffeine and guarana. This combination ensures a prolonged energy and not just a sugar shock.

About IN2ZYM

IN2ZYM is a Danish company specialized in products targeted at a healthy and active life style. From the beginning, the mission of the company has been offering products of a unique composition ensuring a high quality level.